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Caracas / Nicolás Maduro wins again the Presidency of Venezuela for the period 2019-2025 to achieve almost 6 million in an elections marked by the highest abstention and with the warning of the defeated who said that the elections should be made again for irregularities recorded.

Maduro won by getting just over 5.8 million votes with a participation of 8.6 million of the more than 20 million that were called to the polls, which translates into one of the lowest participation percentages in the history of Venezuelan.

The candidate who got more votes after Maduro was the former governor Henri Falcón, who obtained 1.8 million, while the evangelical Javier Bertucci won the support of 925,042 voters and the fourth, Reinaldo Quijada,  with almost 35,000.

The opposition alliances Mesa de la Unidad Democrática and Frente Amplio, which called for abstention, are also noted, considering that these elections were fraudulent and made the electoral centers were empty.

The spokesmen from the Frente Amplio assured the participation this Sunday in “this electoral farce” did not reach 30%.

The recently re-elected Maduro summoned the three defeated candidates and the leaders to abstain from a dialogue to address the differences and deal with the crisis in the country.

The president repudiated the position of his main adversary, Henri Falcón, who decided to ignore the process and demanded that new elections be held.

Before the end of the election day both Falcon and Bertucci reported that throughout the day there were more than a thousand violations of the electoral law committed by the ruling Chavismo.

They also pointed to the ruling “buy votes” by offering bonus to voters who reported with the so-called “card of the fatherland” have paid for the chavist candidate, an identity card, which contains a megadata of the voters.

Falcón affirmed he will not know the results of Maduro’s repeated violations of pre-election agreements, and demanded that the process be repeated in October of this same year.

“For us there were no elections, we have to make new elections in Venezuela,” said Falcón.

Bertucci, for his part, asked the already re-elected president to repeat the elections and said that “this country was big for the pro-government candidate.”

Alberto Andreo for EFE Agency, Caracas. (May 21, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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La noticia trata...
del resultado de los comicios presidenciales que se celebraron en Venezuela.
del resultado de unas elecciones regionales en Venezuela.
de un sondeo sobre los votos que podrían obtener los candidatos en unos comicios en Venezuela.
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Según el texto...
hay un empate técnico entre Nicolás Maduro y Henri Falcón.
Nicolás Maduro volvió a ganar en unas elecciones presidenciales.
Nicolás Maduro estuvo a punto de ganar las elecciones.
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En la noticia se dice que...
esta es la primera vez que va tanta gente a votar en unas elecciones en Venezuela.
es muy habitual que el índice de participación sea tan bajo en unas elecciones.
muy pocas personas fueron a votar en estos comicios.
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Los candidatos de la oposición...
quieren que se repitan las elecciones ya que el índice de participación fue bajísimo.
dudan de que se haya producido algún tipo de irregularidad durante estos comicios.
quieren que se repitan los comicios ya que consideran que se realizaron acciones contrarias a la ley electoral.
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no da importancia al hecho de que el oficialismo ofreciera dar algo a los votantes de Maduro.
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no cree que el oficialismo ofreciera algo a las personas que probaran que votaron por Maduro.
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