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Mafalda, a 50-year-old girl, hides herself in her worlds in Costa Rica

Mafalda, that girl of dark hair and round face worried about mankind and peace, hides herself in her own worlds in an exhibition in Costa Rica, where she also celebrates her 50 anniversary.

In a world which have become sick, sad, dirty and crazy by the constant disappointments that the society gave itself, these worlds that Mafalda lives and criticizes are in the exhibition “El mundo según Mafalda.”

Sentences full of irony and innocence has characterized her during these years. Created by the Argentinian designer Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón, more known by Quino, Mafalda invites us in a trip among her fifty years of history, where young and old people will be able to enjoy themselves with her tender irreverences.

These worlds that Mafalda constantly critizes, envolves an exhibition which is done in the framework of International Arts Festival of Costa Rica. The exhibition will finish next Sunday.

Dayana Hutchinson, the coordinator of the exhibition, said to EFE:

“Mafalda was a child that didn’t play with dolls, but with her worlds, so she had a world for each thing and for each occasion. This precocious child that during the 60s and the 70s questioned what happened in the world and the fact that many of her critics survives until today, are the reasons why young and old people have chosen to go to the exposition. This girl with her ribbon in her hair awakes many contradictions in her followers. This rebellious tenderness, this naive honesty, this mocking criticism seems that they didn’t change the hearts of the people who read her everyday.”

The exhibition arrives at Barrilete Museum of Argentina with the objective that people enjoy the Quino’s creation. Mafalda, who assures that soap is for infancy what communism is for democracy, is still a symbol of rebellion and opposition.

Quino stopped drawing Mafalda in 1973. Nevertheless, the character is still prevailing, and, at the same time, many of the thing that she questioned are still surviving in nowadays society.

Translation adapted from the Spanish text, 11th April, San José, Costa Rica, informó para la Agencia EFE María José Brenes

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