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Former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, born in Barcelona, said today that the Spanish Constitution is one of the most democratic constitutions in Europe, recalled the strong degree of self-government enjoyed by Catalonia and the Spanish autonomous communities and stated that European leaders should speak about what happens in Spain to say that ‘the independence is not possible’.

Faced with the secessionist defiance of the leaders of the Generalitat and in an interview with the channel “BFM TV” considered that “to undo Spain is to undo Europe” because “if we open the way of independence tomorrow will be the Basque Country, and after Basque Country French, Northern Italy … and after it’s the war. ” “We have lived in peace for 70 years, but we forget the essential,” he said.

The former prime minister urged the european leaders to make clear to the Catalan pro-independence that with the secession them would be outside the European Union.

He said that “European leaders should talk about what is happening in Spain, not to be mediators, but to say that independence is not possible. They there are say to the pro-independences: ‘If you want to leave, you will not be in the EU’ “.

Valls lamented the police intervention last Sunday against participants in the unilateral referendum, with “some images that turn against the central government,” but emphasized that the Spanish Constitution “is one of the most democratic constitutions.”

The former socialist prime minister recalled the strong degree of self-government, “respected by Spain”, enjoyed by Catalonia and the Spanish regions.

“The strength of Spain is to have large regions such as Catalonia or the Basque Country, and the strength of Catalonia or the Basque Country is to be within one of the old European nation states.There are not many in Europe, England, France and Spain” , he said.

For Valls, “one of the great problems of the world is that with globalization many people are withdrawing on their personal identity, local or regional”. (6 October 2017, EFE / Spanish-English)




(Español) Comprehension

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Question 1
La noticia habla sobre...
unas declaraciones televisivas sobre el ex primer ministro socialista francés.
lo que cree Manuel Valls sobre la independencia de Cataluña.
el autogobierno regional en España.
Question 2
Dice la noticia que...
la independencia da mucha guerra.
es la guerra de los independentistas.
por la vía de la independencia llega la guerra.
Question 3
Manuel Valls está vinculado a ...
País vasco francés
Italia del Norte
España y Cataluña
Question 4
Según la noticia, Manuel Valls dice que...
los dirigentes europeos deberían decir a los independentistas que no estarán en la UE.
los dirigentes europeos deberían ser mediadores de los independentistas.
no hay mediadores independentistas entre los dirigentes europeos.
Question 5
Para Manuel Valls, la Constitución española es...
una de las más democráticas.
muy democrática.
la más democrática.
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