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Madrid / The President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, today demanded of leaders in the Generalitat of Catalonia to return to the legality and he has guaranteed that he will do “what he thinks he should do, what he thinks is best for Spain and when seems to me more timely”as he did, in due course, to avoid the rescue by the EU, in an interview granted to EFE Agency after Carles Puigdemont announced last night that he will not give up his secessionist goals and demand a mediation.

Mariano Rajoy has affirmed that the unity of Spain can be no “object of any mediation, nor of any negotiation” and he has demanded to the Catalan president to return to the legality and to resign the project of unilateral declaration of independence in Catalonia. In addition, he has been “absolutely convinced” that Spain can return to a normal scenario, just as it has overcome other very difficult situations.

Faced with the possibility of applying Article 155 of the Constitution, Mariano Rajoy has considered that there are different opinions on this matter and asking him if there is an alternative to this measure, he has reiterated that there is it and that it passes through the return to the legality of the leaders of the Generalitat.

It’s about “complying with the law” and “what those who are not complying with it have to do is complying with it”, he said.

“And from there, then we would live in a situation of normality. We could talk, we could dialogue, we could agree, in Parliament or outside Parliament, here, it is basically a return to normality and return to a situation of legality and that can only be done by anyone who has violated the law and who has established a situation of these characteristics”, he said.

Today, the Constitutional Court suspended, as a precautionary measure, the plenary session of the Parlament in Catalonia in admitting the application for amparo presented by the PSC with the argument that if this plenary session declared independence would lead to a breach of the Constitution and an “annihilation” of the rights of deputies.

The President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, announced yesterday his willingness to appear next Monday before the plenary of the Parliament to assess the results and effects in October 1 and, although it is not specifically mentioned that in the single point of the day is the independence, the CUP assured that in the plenary the Catalan Republic would be proclaimed. (October 5, 2017, EFE/Practica Español)

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Question 1
En la noticia se dice que...
Mariano Rajoy va a ser entrevistado por varios medios de comunicación.
Mariano Rajoy ha sido entrevistado por la Agencia EFE.
la Agencia EFE ha recogido unas declaraciones de Mariano Rajoy en una rueda de prensa.
Question 2
En el texto, Rajoy...
anuncia que Puigdemont le comunicó que volverán al marco de la legalidad constitucional.
no menciona que sea necesario que los independentistas vuelvan a la legalidad para que vuelva la normalidad a Cataluña.
reitera que los independentistas deben volver al marco de la legalidad constitucional.
Question 3
En el texto se dice que Rajoy...
afirma que los secesionistas no quieren que otras entidades medien.
descarta que vaya a haber algún tipo de negociación en relación con la unidad nacional.
descarta que vaya a haber cualquier tipo de diálogo con los secesionistas aunque estos vuelvan a la legalidad.
Question 4
Según el texto, Puigdemont tiene la intención proclamar la independencia de Cataluña en unos días.
No se sabe.
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