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Tokyo / The animated series of Mazinger Z, which laid the foundations of a type giant robots in the cinema and dazzled children around the world in the 70s, marked last Sunday its 45 anniversary since its first broadcast with a stellar return to the big screen.

On December 3, 1972, Fuji TV launched the series of the mythical robot of the “Rocket Punch!”, which instantly became a television hit with a record share of the world of a 30%, according to figures provided by the production company Toei Animation.

The plot begins when the Japanese professor Juzo Kabuto discovers the remains of giant automatons in an uninhabited island of Greece, an enclave of a millenarian mechanical civilization.

The leader of the investigation, Dr. Hell, asks to be allowed to investigate before making known the finding and manages to restore the colossi, with which he longs to subdue humanity.

The giants, controlled by Dr. Hell, kill the rest of the researchers, except for Juzo, who manages to flee to Japan and build an ultra-strong and powerful robot, Mazinger Z, with which to thwart the ambitions of the evil scientific.

After several years, the Japanese professor is killed, but before he died he managed to reveal his story and the existence of Mazinger Z to his grandson, Koji Kabuto, who at the controls of the giant robot will be the protagonist who will fight against the evil Doctor Hell.

This idea of a human controlling a robot from within “changed the landscape of later Japanese animation”, considers the Japanese producer, for whom “to say that (series of great success as)” Mobile Suit Gundam and “Neon Genesis Evangelion” would exist if not for “Mazinger Z”, it is not an exaggeration”.

“Mazinger Z” was born from the imagination of Japanese manga cartoonist Go Nagai (Wajima, 1945) and it has served as inspiration for internationally renowned film-makers as Guillermo del Toro (“Pacific Rim”).

During his first meeting in June at the International Animation Festival of Annecy in France, Del Toro described Nagai as “the Mozart of the world of machine animation”.

The 92-episode animated series debuted in Japan just two months after Nagai began immortalizing the robot in the prestigious weekly comic magazine Shonen Jump (1972-1973).

Broadcasted entirely in the Asian country until 1974, the fans of Spain or Chile had to wait almost two decades to know the outcome of the series -which was censored and suppressed because it considered its violent and inappropriate content for the time-, which contributed to that it became a cult production there.

The success of “Mazinger Z”, in addition to numerous toys and derived products, led to several “spin-offs” and movies.

The most recent, “Mazinger Z: Infinity”, will hit theatres in Japan on January 13, 2018 (six days before those in Spain), but was pre-announced in Tokyo on the occasion of the anniversary.

The action of the film takes place 10 years after the end of the series. Koji has become an eminent scientist and during his expeditions he finds a large structure buried under Mount Fuji with signs of life inside.

The discovery will unleash a new threat to the world commanded by Dr. Hell and lead the hero to sail the skies and fight alongside Mazinger Z once again.

In the film “I wanted to give life to the magic of the animation of before and now,” said in a statement the director, Junji Shimizu, who in the film has remained true to the original style of almost half a century ago, without forgetting to put a personal touch with the one that seeks to delight the fans. (December 2017, EFE/Practica Español)

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del centenario de la emisión de una serie de televisión.
del cuadragésimo quinto aniversario de una serie de televisión.
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Según el texto…
‘Mazinger Z’ fue emitida por primera vez a principios de la década de los 70.
‘Mazinger Z’ apenas fue emitida en las televisiones extranjeras.
‘Mazinger Z’ se emitió por vez primera a finales de los años 70.
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En la noticia se dice que…
los niños de la década de los 70 apenas conocían los dibujos de ‘Mazinger Z’.
‘Mazinger Z’ fue una serie animada que tuvo poco éxito fuera de Japón.
‘Mazinger Z’ tuvo mucha aceptación por el público infantil de la época.
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Según el texto, ‘Mazinger Z’…
apenas ha influido en las producciones cinematográficas.
influyó en el cine.
no llegó a marcar un antes y un después en las historias de robots.
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En esta serie de dibujos…
se cuenta la historia de un científico que crea unos robots para ayudar a los humanos en sus labores.
se cuenta la historia de un malvado científico que quiere controlar el mundo.
se cuenta la historia de unos robots que vienen de otros planetas para controlar a los humanos.
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Mazinger Z…
es un robot al servicio de un malvado científico.
es un robot que fue encontrado por un científico en una isla griega.
es el robot que combate contra otros robots para evitar que un científico logre sus objetivos.
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