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There are many ways to learn Spanish but only one to practice it with news content by EFE, the first news agency in the world in Spanish.

Test your level

According to the Plan Curricular by Instituto Cervantes and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages proposed by the Council of Europe, the learning levels are:

A1 and A2 (elementary)
B1 and B2 (intermediate)
C1 and C2 (advanced)

Practice and learn with real news.

There is a wide variety of contents on different topics: Spain, World, Sports, Entertainment, Travel, Health, Economy, Culture, Science and Gastronomy.

Each text is accompanied by an audio and, in many cases, with a video related to the news, which it allows you to practice your reading and oral comprehension, and your level of competence through the exercises we suggest you for each news.

Review and improve your knowledge of Grammar.

To remove doubts that may appear in your way, each news has grammatical proposal, a short note from Grammar Notes, to review theory and help you to improve your knowledge on language of Cervantes.

More over…

Videos of actuality by EFE on YOUTUBE will allow you to listen a wide variety of Hispanic voices, Maestro Spot will help you with advertising spots, you can expand your Vocabulary from A to Z with new words or practice with short sentences with ourPalabras de Autor.


Exercises to practice:

In Practica Español, you will find exercises as these:

A1- Verbos ser y estar (A1. The verbs ser and estar)

A1. Masculino y femenino (A1. Male and female)

Noticias al azar