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Madrid / The fourth Christmas message by King Felipe VI recorded an average audience of 8,139,000 viewers and a screen share of 65.7% in the total number of channels that broadcast the speech live, as reported by Barlovento Comunicación with data from Kantar Half.

The channel that recorded the highest average audience was La 1 from TVE, with 2,638,000 viewers and 21.3% share; followed by Telecinco, with 1,331,000 viewers and 10.7% share; Antena 3, with 1,267,000 viewers and 10.2% share; la Sexta, with 901,000 viewers and 7.3% share and Cuatro, with 627,000 viewers and 5.1% share.

According to Barlovento, this year the audience includes the “guest factor”, that is, people who are at home watching a certain program but who do not live in it.

Without the guests, this year’s Christmas message had an audience of 6,222,000 and 63.8%, while in 2016 it was 5,822,000 and 57.6%, in 2015, 6,658,000 and 65%, and in 2014, 8,239,000 and 73.4% share.

The data shows that the segments where the Christmas message by the King had the highest performance are among women, those over 45 years old and the regions of Castilla y León (81% share), Galicia (79.6%), Valencia (74 , 8%), Aragón (73.8%) and the Balearic Islands (72.3%).

Catalonia is the community where the monarch’s message had the least audience, with 39.8% (737,000 viewers); followed by the Basque Country, with 45.5%.

The 1 was the leading channel in both sexes and in the total age groups, socioeconomic indices and habitats.

Regarding other speeches delivered this year by Felipe VI, the one that aroused greater interest was the intervention on the crisis in Catalonia on October 3, which had an audience of 76.6 percent of screen share and 12,443,000 viewers.

For its part, the speech of the abdication of King Juan Carlos, on June 3, 2014, recorded a quota of 79.3 percent and 4.888 billion viewers.

In the history of messages pronounced by the King of Spain on Christmas Eve, the one with the highest audience was the one Mr.Juan Carlos made in 1993, which achieved a screen share of 94.5% and 10,254,000 viewers. (December 26, 2017, EFE/Practica Español)

News related in video (December 24, 2017):


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El texto habla…
de la gente que verá el mensaje de Navidad de Felipe VI.
de la gente que estuvo viendo el mensaje de Navidad del rey Felipe VI.
de la gente que podrá ver el mensaje de Navidad de Felipe VI.
Question 2
Según el texto…
este año hubo menos audiencia que el año pasado.
este año hubo más audiencia que el año pasado.
este año hubo la misma audiencia que el año pasado.
Question 3
Este no es el primer mensaje de Navidad que da Felipe VI.
No se sabe.
Question 4
La mayoría de la gente vio el mensaje del rey Felipe en TVE.
¡Imposible saberlo!
Para nada.
Es verdad.
Question 5
En la noticia se dice que…
este mensaje tuvo la misma audiencia que el pronunciado hace unos meses por Felipe VI.
este mensaje navideño fue el mensaje más visto en la historia de la televisión.
el mensaje sobre Cataluña que dio Felipe VI tuvo más espectadores que este.
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Cataluña fue una de las regiones donde hubo más audiencia.
Es mentira.
Es verdad.
¡Nadie lo sabe!
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