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Miguel Bosé’s harsh statements against Pedro Sánchez, the COVID-19 virus and his vaccine

Madrid / Just five days after saying that the coronavirus is “the great lie of governments”, Miguel Bosé, whose mother Lucia Bosé died of coronavirus, lashed out at the vaccines that are being developed to try to stop Covid-19 and, in special, against the World Alliance for Immunization and Vaccination (GAVI).

The singer assures on his Twitter account that GAVI, an initiative promoted by the WHO, Unicef ​​or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is responsible for failed vaccines that have caused many victims worldwide.

In addition, Bosé points out that Gates, whom he calls “the eugenic“, spoke in the past of the possibility that vaccines carried microchips or nano bots to obtain information from the entire world population “for the sole purpose of controlling it.”

“And once they activate the 5G network, key in this operation of global dominance, we will be sheep at their mercy and needs,” says the Spanish singer, who also refers to the Prime Minister, “Pedro Sánchez ‘El Salvador'”, that “he has just become an accomplice to this macabre and supremacist plan.”

“I only intend to report on the announced situation towards which, among other misdeeds, we are being led. I SAY NO TO THE VACCINE, NO TO 5G, NO TO THE SPAIN / BILL GATES ALLIANCE, “concludes the singer’s Twitter thread, who at the beginning of the pandemic lost his mother, Lucía Bosé, who died on March 23 as a result of the Covid-19.

Miguel Bosé describes the coronavirus as “the great lie of governments”

A week earlier, from Mexico, the Spanish artist Miguel Bosé referred to the coronavirus, which has caused 390,000 deaths in the world, as “the great lie of governments”, via Twitter.

“Switzerland, as the Nordic countries of Europe know from the beginning of the great lie of governments, that of Spain included,” he wrote on his wall along with a video in which people allegedly appear at a time of leisure in Geneva who apparently they are not respecting the distance and the security measures to avoid contagions.

According to the man who narrates the video, these images are from June 1.

The Swiss government announced on May 29 the acceleration of the relaxation of restrictions and will authorize the opening of restaurants from June 11, so that the population “learns to live” with the virus in the absence of certainty about when there will be a vaccine.

However, it is not yet known whether these measures are being effective or are going to be counterproductive, since a time margin is needed to measure the effects.

Other countries such as France, Italy or Spain carried a stricter confinement than Switzerland and, more specifically, the artist’s native country has been gradually returning to normal for several weeks, taking into account the number of infections and deaths by autonomous community.

The dangers of the 5G network

It is not the first time that Bosé reveals his skepticism regarding the coronavirus, since since April 29 he undertook through social networks the mission of informing his followers about alleged dangers of the 5G network, ensuring that it is related to the COVID-19 and sharing video conferences on the subject.

“We are going to start putting the points on the I’s. I start with this. I would like to have your comments “, he wrote together with a video of a talk by Thomas Cowan, who assures that each pandemic occurred corresponds to a” quantum leap “in the” electrification of the Earth and that when a living being is exposed to a field electromagnetic “is poisoned”.

The content of this conference has been denied by multiple scientists and organizations.

Still, Bosé has participated in online events and concerts to raise funds to help counter the ravages of COVID-19 and to help people who are suffering closely.

In recent months he has been devoted to paying tribute to his mother, the Italian actress Lucía Bosé, who died on March 23.

#AzulDeLucia has been the label through which he encouraged his followers to pay tribute to the actress by making blue masks and sharing any type of memory about her.

(June 11, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

(Automatic translation)

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