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Mnangagwa wins Zimbabwe presidential election, authorities say

Harare / Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has won the presidential election held here earlier this week, the Electoral Commission (ZEC) announced Thursday evening.

Mnangagwa, with the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF), garnered more votes than his main rival, the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), Nelson Chamisa, in six of the 10 provinces.

The president garnered 50.8 percent of the votes, thus avoiding a run-off election.

Chamisa,meanwhile, received 44.3 percent of the votes, although a spokesman for the MDC, Morgan Komichi, claimed that the results were “false” because they had not been verified by the main opposition party.

A few hours earlier, before the ZEC had released any official tally, Chamisa had reiterated his earlier claim to have won the election.

Mnangagwa “knows he has lost these elections,” said Chamisa in his first public appearance since the polls closed.

“If he would have won the elections, the results would have been announced some time ago, but they are trying to manipulate the figures,” the opposition leader emphasized, denouncing the government for committing “fraud” and trying to adjust the results to its advantage.

The election results, which have been tensely awaited since the Monday vote, were released at the end of a violent day in Harare, with the heavy presence of police and the army, who were patrolling the streets after post-election violence on Wednesday that resulted in at least six deaths.

Fourteen people were injured in the disturbances, police said.

Mnangagwa, the former vice president, was seeking to reaffirm his tenure in the presidency, after coming to power in a military coup last year, while Chamisa aspired to boot the governing ZANU-PF after almost 40 years at the helm of the southern African nation.

This is the Zimbabwe’s first presidential election in 37 years that did not feature the former leader, Robert Mugabe, who was ousted from power last November.

Earlier in the day, police public relations spokesperson Charity Charamba said the situation was still tense in Harare after MDC supporters took to the streets on Wednesday.

The demonstrators denounced the delay in announcing the results of Monday’s presidential election and alleged that fraud had been committed against MDC leader Chamisa, whom they proclaimed to be the winner of the contest.

The opposition leader had claimed victory on Thursday, accusing the government of trying to “manipulate” the official results.

About 4,000 MDC supporters participated in the demonstrations, some of them carrying iron bars and stones, according to the police.

At least 26 people were arrested, including 18 at the MDC headquarters in central Harare, which was constantly monitored by security forces.

The protests were repressed first by the police then by the army, using water cannons, tear gas and live ammunition, local media reported. (August 3, 2018, EFE/ Practica Español)

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En la noticia se dice que...      
ya se han dado a conocer los resultados oficiales de las últimas elecciones en Zimbaue.
la ZEC acaba de facilitar unos datos provisionales sobre los resultados de estas elecciones.
aún se desconoce quién ha ganado las elecciones en Zimbaue.
Question 2
Según el texto, la Comisión Electoral...      
ha tardado más de una semana en anunciar quién es vencedor de estos comicios.
tardó solo un par de días en anunciar quién ha ganado estos comicios.
apenas ha tardado en dar a conocer los resultados definitivos de estos comicios.
Question 3
En la noticia se dice que Mnangagwa...      
tendrá que presentarse a una segunda a pesar de haber obtenido la mitad de los votos.
ha ganado esta primera vuelta y tendrá que ganar la siguiente para ser presidente de Zimbaue.
no tendrá que presentarse a una segunda vuelta ya que obtuvo la mitad de los votos.
Question 4
El principal dirigente de la oposición...    
descarta que haya fraude y manipulación de los resultados.
considera que los resultados de estos comicios han sido manipulados.
no cree que los resultados de estos comicios hayan sido manipulados.
Question 5
No ocurrió ningún incidente antes de que se conocieran estos resultados.    
En absoluto.
No se sabe.
Así es.
Question 6
Según el texto, estas elecciones son importantes...        
ya que son las primeras a las que no se presenta Mugabe.
ya que son las primeras a las que se presenta Mugabe.
porque son las primeras que se celebran desde la reciente independencia del país.
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