Useful sentences to practice use of the neutral demonstratives in Spanish.
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More than 30 sentences with neutral demonstratives in Spanish

These are 31 sentences with frequently expressions to practice use of three neutral demonstratives in Spanish: esto (this), eso (that), aquello (that).


Remind that we use demonstratives to indicate distance (in the place or in the time) between two things, between a person and a thing or between two persons, as well as to show objects according to its location with regard to the speaker

We say (esto):

¡Esto no me gusta nada! (I don’t like this at all!(For example: situation created by a traffic jam).

Esto es muy fácil de hacer. (This is very easy to do.(For example: a manual labour).

Esto es todo, hemos terminado.  (This is all, we have finished.)  (We consider that something is end).

Me conformo con esto.  (I’m satisfied with this.) (For example: a certain amount of money).

Esto es ridículo.  (This is ridiculous.) (I don’t like something).

Nunca olvides esto que te voy a decir.  (Never forget this that I am going to tell you.) (a tip, a warning).

¿Qué es esto?  (What is this?(We ask for something, a thing or situation).

Estos no saben nada de nada. (These don’t know anything at all.)  (We are talking on a group of people).

Esto es un marrón. (This is a drag/ a mess / a bummer.(For example: a work or order that we don’t like).

Esto es de locos.  (This is crazy.) (Something that seems like a madness).

Con esto y un bizcocho…  (With this and a cake… ) (We are saying goodbye… See you tomorrow at 8!) 

Lo más importante de todo es esto. (The most important of all is this.)   (For example, a conclusion, a summary).

A todo esto… (Meanwhile, by the way)  (to add something that we forgot to say).

We say (eso):

No recuerdo cuando me dijeron eso. (I don’t remember when they told me that.)

¿Cómo va eso? (How’s that going?) (We are asking for something, or to greet colloquially).

No sé de dónde ha sacado eso. (I don’t know where he got that.(We do doubt something that has been said).

Quedamos a eso de las diez.  (We meet up about ten o’clock.) (About ten).

A pesar de eso, estoy contenta. (Despite that, I’m happy.) (despite, in despite of).

Con eso de que sabe griego, se cree más listo. (He thinks he’s smarter by the fact that he knows Greek.)

Por eso, el jugador fue expulsado. (That’s why the player was expelled.(thus, therefore).

Pero de eso no dice nada. (But he says nothing about that.)  (It means that he doesn’t talking about something or shouldn’t talk on something).

Debido a eso no puedo quedar contigo. (Because of that, I can’t meet up with you.)

¡Pues eso!  (Right then!(What you say, what you want).

We say (aquello):

¿Qué es aquello?  (What is that?(We ask something is very, very far).

Aquello merece la pena. (That is worth it.) (We are speaking to a place that we like. We say too ‘aquel lugar merece la pena’).

Aquellos que fumen serán invitados a irse.  (Those who smoke will be asked to leave.(We are talking about people, in general).

Aquello fue hace quince años. (That was fifteen years ago.)  (We talk about something that happened a long time ago).

No recuerdo aquello que decía Juan cuando…  (I don’t remember what Juan said when…(an expression).

Aquello tuvo su aquel. (That was inappropiate) (almost always to show a loss of good manners or uncalled-for).

No quiero saber nada de aquello. (I don’t want to know anything about that.(we talk about a specific situation).

Aquello por lo que luchamos…  (That is we fight for…(we talk about an ideal or aim).

Desea aquello que nunca tendrá. (He wish what he will never have.(we talk about something that is out of our reach).

Quiero aquellos zapatos, los que están en el escaparate. (I want those shoes, those that are in the shop window.)

Aquellos tiempos…  (Those times…) (times past).

We don’t say:

¿Qué es aquel?

Aquel que fumen serán invitados a irse

Aquel fue hace quince años

No recuerdo aquel que decía Juan cuando…

Aquel tuvo su aquel

Aquel por lo que luchamos

Quiero aquel zapatos

Aquel tiempos

By Pía Valls /Practica Español 

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