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More than 7,600 hectares destroyed in three fateful days for Galicia

Ourense ( Spain) / Galicia adds three black days of fires in a devastating balance, which leaves with more than 7,600 hectares devastated by fire in only three provinces, specifically, in the province of Ourense, which has taken the worst part with some thirteen fires, Lugo and Pontevedra.

In fact, the Xunta pointed in the last hours to the clear intention of the fires that affect several areas, some of high ecological value, such as the Massif Central Orense and the Xurés Natural Park.

Currently, one of the active fires that worries the most is the one registered in the Ourense town hall of A Mezquita, which affects about one hundred hectares and two border provinces, Ourense and Zamora.

“It is a lively one, it is burning a lot and it has gotten into Zamora,” Rafael Pérez, the mayor of this town, pointed out to EFE. this zone. At this time, the fire is near pine forests and has even burned “some particular plantation.”

This fire, which affects the Cádavos parish and is active, coming from Zamora, is added to the more than 7,600 hectares burned so far throughout the Community, since the weekend, with about one hundred hectares burned.

Also in Cualedro, the last fires registered in this city council remain alert, which exceeds a thousand burned hectares and in whose control, nine brigades, eleven motor pumps, a dozen aerial means and also the Military Emergency Unit of the UME participate.

The Civil Guard has been forced to temporarily cut off traffic, as EFE has learned, circulation on the A-52 due to the proximity of the flames to the highway and cars are being diverted towards the N-525.

The virulence of the fires that affect Galicia occurs just before the announcement of possible rains throughout Galicia with the arrival of a storm, although at the moment the extreme risk due to the fires continues not only in Ourense but in the entire province of Lugo and the south of Pontevedra.

For the moment, the mayors of these affected areas continue to watch these new fires with concern, encouraged in many cases by the high temperatures and the wind registered during these days.

In Vilar de Barrio, where 700 hectares have burned, the residents breathe easier after a difficult weekend.

“The most critical occurred on Saturday night for Sunday and also Sunday afternoon”; sums up the mayor of this town, Manuel Conde. This councilor has called “terrifying” the situation in this area at dawn, a time when the air media cannot act.

Meanwhile, the extinguishing services continue to work to try to control the Vilariño de Conso and Lobios fires, which remain active after destroying some 4,000 hectares between them in places of high environmental value such as the Xurés Natural Park, in Lobios.

To these fires must be added those of Vilar de Barrio (700 hectares), Chandrexa de Queixa (400 ha), Vilardevós (300 ha) and Manzaneda, which registered two fires that exceed 200 hectares. In addition, those of A Gudiña (150) and Maceda, 130 are already controlled.

In the province of Pontevedra, that of Cuntis has been extinguished, which burned 26 hectares and in Lugo and Ribas de Sil (Lugo) a fire is still active that leaves about 60 hectares burned.

Villarino de Ourense

The forest fire registered this weekend in the town hall of Vilariño de Conso, in the province of Ourense, has forced residents to leave with tractors to try to prevent the fire from reaching their homes, rekindled by the wind.

Due to the danger, the Xunta de Galicia has decreed situation two, which is activated when there is danger to inhabited nuclei given the proximity of the flames to Soutogrande and Soutelo.

13 agents, 23 brigades, 13 motor pumps, four shovels, 14 helicopters and nine airplanes work in the control, and the intervention of personnel from the Military Emergency Unit has also been requested.

Speaking to EFE, the mayor of Vilariño de Conso, Melisa Macía, explained that the situation is “very bad” and the neighbors have had to go out “with tractors” to prevent the fire from reaching the perimeters of houses and fire can affect trees.

As he has assured, the fire is “very widespread” encouraged by the wind that reigns in this area.

In fact, sources from the Ministry of Rural Affairs have confirmed that the councilor, José González, is currently traveling to Vilariño de Conso to learn about the situation first hand.

The fires do not give truce to the Galician Community, which exceeds the 7,600 hectares destroyed in the fires registered in the provinces of Ourense, the most affected by the fires with a dozen fires, Lugo and Pontevedra.

On this day, members of the UME suffered a mishap when one of their fire engines overturned during the extinction work, according to emergency personnel, and there was also a motor-pump accident on the A-52. (September 14, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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