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Twenty-four hours after knowing the sentence of the macro trial on the case Gürtel case, the socialist group registered in the Congress of the Deputies of Spain a motion of censure against the president of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, with some general budgets, which it has not supported, way of the Senate where the PP has the majority.

The leader of the Spanish socialists, Pedro Sanchez, justified the presentation of this motion for the “alarm” and the “social outrage” generated by the Gürtel sentence, as well as the deterioration of the reputation that has led to Spain in the EU and in the world.

The PSOE spokeswoman Margarita Robles carried in hand the text of the motion of censure to register the Congress of Deputies before, even, that the general secretary of the party, Pedro Sanchez, reported this fact to the Federal Executive Party, which he met at the headquarters of Ferraz, according to socialist sources, although the opportunity or not to present it had already been discussed the day before with some of the members of the party leadership.

The motion has the support of the parliamentarians from Podemos, a party led by Pablo Iglesias, while Ciudadanos, an ally of the Government, has declared that it will only support a motion of censure aimed at the early announcement of general elections, which has been publicly requested Rajoy, despite considering that “there is a before and after” after the court ruling.

The PSOE itinerary does not go through there because, as explained, the motion is constructive and will, if successful, to first, form and form a PSOE government to ensure the country’s governance and, second, call elections “sooner”.

This motion is not only presented hours after the court ruling on Gürtel, but also in full parliamentary processing of the state budget for 2018 that only a few hours before the court ruling achieved their support in Congress with the support of Ciudadanos, the Basque nationalists and five other political formations, among which neither the PSOE nor Podemos can be found.

The support of the Congress opened the door to the validation of the Budgets in the Senate, where the PP has a majority.

Without dissolution of the Courts and in the hypothetical case of prospering the socialist motion, Pedro Sanchez would be forced to govern with the budgets agreed by Mariano Rajoy and other political formations different from his own.(May 25, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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Question 1
En la noticia se habla...
de una moción de censura que ha presentado el partido gobernante.
de una moción de censura presentada por el grupo socialista.
del apoyo del grupo socialista al partido que está gobernando.
Question 2
Según el texto, esa moción de censura...  
estaba dirigida contra unos expresidentes de Andalucía.
está dirigida contra el Gobierno de Mariano Rajoy.
está dirigida a la portavoz de un partido político.
Question 3
En el texto se dice que...  
el PSOE registró esa moción de censura después de conocerse una sentencia judicial.
el PSOE registró esa moción de censura justo cuando se conoció una sentencia judicial.
el PSOE registró esa moción de censura antes de conocerse el fallo de un tribunal.
Question 4
El PSOE anunció que cuenta con el apoyo de todos los grupos parlamentarios.    
Es verdad.
No es verdad.
No se sabe.
Question 5
Si se presenta una moción de censura...  
existe la posibilidad de que se sustituya al equipo de gobierno si sale adelante en una votación.
se evita que haya un cambio en el equipo de gobierno.
provoca automáticamente la sustitución del equipo de gobierno por otro nuevo.
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