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New Vincent van Gogh drawing unveiled in the Netherlands

The Hague / A drawing that had for several years been studied by experts was on Tuesday confirmed to have been created by the Dutch post-Impressionist master Vincent van Gogh.

The black and white drawing, which depicts Paris’ Montmartre hill and a stone quarry beside it in a rural setting, had been part of the Van Vlissingen Art foundation’s collection and under investigation since 2013.

“This was the result of an extensive investigation by the Van Gogh museum into the theme, style, technique, materials and origins of this until now unknown drawing,” said the Singer Museum, found in the northern town of Laren, where the drawing is to be exhibited until May 6 alongside works by Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Pablo Picasso.

According to the museum, the drawing’s identification allowed another work to be also attributed to Van Gogh.

The second work, also produced in 1886 and depicting Montmartre, had previously been rejected as a Van Gogh original.

The materials used in both works are identical, they were produced 50 meters (164 feet) apart and the topic can be linked to paintings he produced while living in the iconic artistic district of Paris in spring and early summer, said Teio Meededndorp, the main investigator from the Van Gogh Museum.

Since 1970, when the last Van Gogh catalogue was made, nine new drawing and seven paintings by the artist have been discovered.


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La noticia habla sobre...
Una exposición en Montmartre
Un descubrimiento relacionado con los cuadros de Vicent Van Gogh
Una película con cuadros de Vicent Van Gogh
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Dice la noticia que un cuadro de Vicent Van Gogh...
ha sido descartado como suyo.
va a ser investigado este año.
ha sido investigado durante cuatro años
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Según los expertos del museo Van Gogh...
el artista ha dibujado también sus manos
los dos dibujos han necesitado ambas manos del artista.
la misma mano ha pintado los dos dibujos.
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Según el texto,Van Gogh terminó de pintar ‘La colina de Montmartre’...
cuando estaba en Amberes.
cuando estaba en París.
antes de ir a París.
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Según el texto…
los expertos no saben si Van Gogh pintó ‘La colina de Montmartre’.
siempre supieron que Van Gogh pintó ‘La colina de Montmartre’.
al principio pensaron que Van Gogh no pintó ‘La colina de Montmartre’.
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Van Gogh utilizó materiales diferentes para hacer esos dibujos.
Es mentira.
No se sabe.
Es verdad.
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