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New York promotes outdoor teaching to avoid contagion

New York / The city of New York presented on Monday a program that will allow some schools to teach classes outdoors in the return to classes, most planned for September 10, after the break due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The program will allow schools to conduct classes on their playgrounds, on adjacent streets and in nearby parks.

According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, who made the announcement with the Minister of Education, Richard Carranza, this plan is open to all public, charter and private schools, as well as to students with disabilities of the plan known as “Learning Bridges.

The program will prioritize schools in neighborhoods hardest hit by the pandemic with no outdoor space within their buildings and includes centers in all counties.

The principals of the schools may request to participate in this program starting today for learning in adjacent parks or streets.

The mayor recalled that the city will only open schools if the virus transmission rate (the number of positive tests over the total) remains below 3%, a stricter standard than the 5% established by the World Health Organization and the state of New York.

The Big Apple has had a rate below 1% for some time, despite the increase in cases in other areas of the country.

“New York City is the safest big city in America,” De Blasio said, in an attempt to reassure concerned parents and teachers.

He stressed that as part of the program, schools that wish to use their own yards must also make a request to notify the Department of Education.

Proposals sent before Friday, August 28, will receive responses before September 4. Additional requests can also be submitted on an ongoing basis.

“My message to parents and our school communities could not be clearer: we are taking all possible precautions so that our children return safely,” De Blasio insisted during his daily press conference.

“Outdoor learning will give all of our children the quality education they deserve in a safe and socially distant environment,” he said.

Parent and teacher concern

This announcement comes after last Friday the mayor and the Minister of Education gave more details about their plan for a safe return, which they have called “Promises for the return to school”, which faces the concern of parents and rejection of the main teachers union.

As part of that plan, the buildings will be disinfected every night, there will be hand sanitizers in all classrooms and personal protective equipment available at all times, the use of masks will be required all the time and social distancing.

It has also been promised that classrooms that do not have adequate ventilation will not be used and that high-touch areas will be cleaned several times a day, among other measures.

De Blasio detailed the plan in phases under the threat of a possible teacher strike if his demands are not met, which include that everyone who enters a school building on September 10 be tested for COVID-19 or antibodies.

The Department of Education will work to satisfy the schools’ requests to the maximum extent possible, unless the arrangement is not feasible or safe, Carranza said.

He explained that all applications will be reviewed by an interagency committee made up of the Parks and Recreation, Transportation, Cleaning, Fire and Police departments.

“As a teacher and school leader, I always knew how important spending time outside is for children, and as we get closer to reopening, I’m excited to bring Outdoor Learning to schools across the city. , even those that don’t have a patio, ”Carranza also indicated.

The United States, the country most affected by the pandemic, registers more than 5.7 million confirmed cases and 176,000 deaths from coronavirus.

Despite the fact that New York is no longer the state with the highest number of infections, it is still the worst hit in terms of deaths in the United States with more than 32,000. (August 25, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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The related news in video (July 7, 2020):


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de cuándo van a empezar las clases en la mayoría de los centros escolares de Nueva York.
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De Blasio no cree que sea buena idea impartir clases en espacios abiertos.
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el objetivo de ese plan es evitar que los alumnos se contagien de COVID-19 en los centros escolares.
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las clases se impartirán obligatoriamente al aire libre en todos los centros escolares de Nueva York.
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no solo las escuelas públicas sino también las privadas y autónomas podrán solicitar participar en ese plan.
ya no se considera necesario que los estudiantes mantengan una distancia de seguridad para evitar contagios.
De Blasio anunció que todos los centros educativos estarán abiertos aunque se incremente notablemente el número de contagios.
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los centros escolares serán desinfectados a diario para evitar que haya contagios.
los maestros no creen que sea necesario realizar pruebas a todo el que entre al centro escolar.
los maestros anunciaron que habrá una huelga esta semana para que el alcalde tome más medidas contra la COVID-19.
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por ahora no se ha registrado ningún nuevo caso de COVID-19 en EE.UU.
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Trump desmiente que las escuelas vayan a ser reabiertas en otoño.
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