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The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, agreed to reinstate the ambassadors between his country and Spain, but said, “if there is respect in the political and diplomatic relations between the governments”.

Spain and Venezuela acknowledged the convenience, despite “discrepancies and profoundly divergent views,” of “normalizing a bilateral dialogue” due to the important ties between the two countries, the Spanish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

In that sense, the Venezuelan president called on the head of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, to “fix” the situation, because he “agrees” with the re-establishment of the ambassadors.

Maduro said he believes in diplomacy, words and dialogue as a way of understanding, but indicated that he will maintain the “permanent denunciation” of the positions of the Spanish Government against Venezuela.

Last January, relations between Spain and Venezuela became blurred following the sanctions agreed by the European Union against seven high-ranking Venezuelan officials.

On January 25, the Venezuelan government declared the Spanish ambassador in Caracas, Jesús Silva Fernández, not personable, for the “continuous aggressions and recurrent acts of interference” of the Spanish government in the affairs of Venezuela, and gave it a period of 72 hours. to leave the country.

The next day the Spanish government did the same with the ambassador of Venezuela in Madrid, Mario Isea.

Listen MP3 (April 12, 2018):

Read translation of the transcription:

“I agree the ambassadors return to the capitals but if there is respect in the political and diplomatic relations between the governments. Based on respect, everything is possible, everything. I do not meddle in the internal affairs of Spain. I do not meddle in the domestic affairs of Spain, in its social crises, in the economic crises, in the crisis of Catalonia, in the crisis on the master’s degree of Cristina Cifuentes, I do not get involved in that. I know a lot about Spain, but a lot about Spain. I do not meddle in its situation. Why the Government of Spain has to meddle in the situation of Venezuela? “

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Question 1
¿Qué quiere expresar principalmente el presidente venezolano en el MP3?
Conoce muy bien España.
No quiere que España se meta en los asuntos internos de Venezuela
Está de acuerdo que se restablezcan los embajadores entre su país y España.
Question 2
Según el MP3, ¿cuál es la actitud de Maduro sobre la acción de España en la situación de Venezuela?
Question 3
En el MP3, Maduro afirma que…
su país no se entromete en la política interna de España.
España jamás se ha interesado en lo que sucede en Venezuela.
Venezuela también se ha entrometido en la política interna de España.
Question 4
Según el MP3, Maduro…
considera que las relaciones diplomáticas con España mejorarán solo si hay respeto.
no cree que el respeto sea importante para mejorar las relaciones diplomáticas con España.
apoya incondicionalmente el hecho de que los embajadores vuelvan a las capitales.
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