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Obama: No excuses for failures in the health insurance website, essential to implement health reform

U.S. President Barack Obama said in Boston (Massachusetts) that "no excuses" for failure of the market to hire the health insurance online, now again suffered problems, the latest in a series of mistakes that are repeated from launch the first of October

“The website is too slow and many people are stuck. I’m not happy,” said the President.
Obama said he works 24 hours a day to solve problems with a website that is essential to implement the 2010 health care reform, which requires health insurance to those who do not have it.
Obama accepted “full responsibility” for technical failures and recalled that there are alternatives for those who need to purchase health insurance, they can do it by telephone.

The President recalled that his health care plan is based on that adopted in 2006 Massachusetts Republican Gov. Mitt Romney, Obama’s former presidential rival last year and one of the critics known as “Obamacare

Obama chose to speak the Faneuil Hall, the same venue chosen by Romney to pass a state health care reform that included Democratic and Republican support and which laid the foundation of Obama’s plan to expand health coverage to millions of Americans.

The President said Romney was “the right thing” by approving a law that has been “almost universal health coverage” to the state, although the Republican former candidate vehemently criticized Obama reform because their state law does not have the same implications as one at the federal level.

The President recalled that the Massachusetts reform also suffered problems in the beginning, but the subsequent application “has shown that the system works.”

Grammar notes: review of final sentences with “para” + infinitive, The prefix “EX-” in Spanish

(Note: we underline in bold an example of the point of grammar)
October 30, 2013, EFE / Practice Spanish

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