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Open spaces, the mask , and the uses mandatory in Spain

Madrid / From this week, the use of the mask is mandatory in the open spaces of practically all regions of Spain, with the exception of Madrid and the Canary Islands, even if it is possible to maintain the safety distance that protects from the spread of COVID-19.

After declining the State of Alarm decreed by the Government of the Nation, the different regional governments in Spain have activated against the outbreaks of COVID-19 this and many other measures such as confinement by zones, maintenance of phase 2 of de-escalation, limitations of capacity, closure of saturated beaches, prohibition of ‘large bottles’ or selective home confinement.

The map of the areas that register the most infections and the measures promoted by the autonomous health authorities in them is as follows:

ANDALUCÍA: 73 infected at an end of year party

In Andalusia with 21 active outbreaks, the use of the mask has been mandatory since last Wednesday.

The last outbreak has been registered in Malaga, where 11 positive cases have been registered among the workers of a company that sells tourist packages.

The largest outbreak of COVID-19 is in Córdoba after an end-of-course party held on July 10, almost 700 contacts of 73 infected have been isolated.

ARAGÓN: ‘the bottles’ main focus of contagion.

In Aragon, the second community with the most cases after Catalonia, the city of Zaragoza and its surroundings are of particular concern, which remains in the second phase of de-escalation -although relaxed- due to the increase in community broadcasts.

The measures that will continue in force this week, in addition to the mandatory use of the mask, are: the reduction of the capacity in bars and hospitality establishments, closure of nightlife venues and surveillance of the areas where large bottles are held among young people, main transmission vector in Zaragoza.

ASTURIAS: only 8 positives and the majority imported

The use of the mask is mandatory from Tuesday in all urban and rural public spaces where there are crowds, despite the fact that the Principality continues to be the autonomous community with the lowest rate of infected (0.68 cases per 100,000 inhabitants). ).

In the last 38 days, only eight positives have been registered, most of them imported from other autonomous communities or countries, and there is only one outbreak in the west of the region with three infected, which is under control.

BALEARES: outbreaks on all islands

The Balearic Islands, which was the second community to apply the mandatory use of face masks in urban areas for a week, will begin to fine from Monday, with exceptions on beaches and promenades.

Another measure adopted against the outbreaks, which is found on all the islands, is the closure of entertainment venues and the sale of alcohol on streets in the Mallorcan areas of Magaluf and Arenal, limiting the meetings of 70 people in open places and 30 in closed and fines of up to 600,000 for those who profit from parties that exceed the capacity, such as those detected in houses in Ibiza.

Palma closed today the access to the beach of Cala Mayor for exceeding the capacity.

CANARY ISLANDS: more than 100 active cases

The Canary Islands will not establish the use of the mask on a mandatory basis at the moment, but the autonomous government has instructed the security forces to reinforce surveillance in the places where it must be taken, and establishes penalties of 100 euros for offenders.

The islands officially have more than 100 active cases, after another nine positives were detected this Saturday and 46 positives were reported on Sunday among the 61 immigrants who arrived in Fuerteventura on Friday.

Until then the most important focus was related to a family party in Fuerteventura to celebrate the arrival of a relative from Mexico, whom Health places as the “patient zero” of this focus that has produced eleven infections.

CANTABRIA: without the Santiago festivities

The mask is mandatory in Cantabria, where the entrance to the beach access is controlled. The city of Santander has decided to postpone the cultural activities scheduled for next week on the occasion of the Santiago festivities.

CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: mask from Tuesday

The Governing Council of Castilla-La Mancha approves the mandatory use of the mask next Tuesday and has planned to distribute some 10 million units, a figure that could be extended at the turn of summer to mark the start of the school year, with the idea of make it as face-to-face and normal as possible.

In addition, it plans to continue testing so that before the end of this month, diagnostic tests will be carried out on one in five people in the region.

The 21 positives registered in an irregular settlement on the Carretera de las Peñas, in Albacete, eleven more than yesterday, are in isolation and controlled quarantine, and 43 cases have been confirmed with positive PCR in the Socuéllamos outbreak ( Ciudad Real), without any of the cases requiring hospitalization.

CASTILLA Y LEÓN: three new cases in a family

In Castilla y León the use of the mask is mandatory from this Saturday. In the last hours, three new positive cases for covid-19 have been registered in a family in the municipality of La Vecilla (León).

CATALONIA: 60 admitted

Catalonia has extended the measures applied to contain the covid outbreaks in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona and two regions of Gerona to the Girona municipalities of Figueres and Vilafant and in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona). At the moment the perimeter confinement of Barcelona is not considered.

The more than 1,200 infections on Saturday have been reduced to just over 900 on Sunday, and the patients admitted are already 60, twenty more than ten days ago and three more than yesterday. The Health Department has sent SMS messages to thousands of Catalans considered to be at risk.

EXTREMADURA: closure to family members of private nursing homes

Extremadura, with a dozen active outbreaks due to coronaviruses, was one of the first autonomous communities to decree the mandatory use of a mask in public and private spaces, although it will exempt construction and field workers from this obligation, exposed for hours to high temperatures. temperatures, although they must keep the meter and a half away.

Public residences for the elderly will ban visits in the event of a suspected positive and the private ones decided last week to close their facilities to family members.

The City Council of Peraleda de la Mata, with less than 1,300 inhabitants, has asked its neighbors to leave the house the bare minimum after detecting an outbreak with 15 positive cases generated by a case imported from France of a woman who came to town to pass their holidays.


Starting this Sunday the use of the mask in Galicia is mandatory at all times from the age of six, both in open and closed spaces and regardless of whether the safety distance is met.

Among other circumstances, it requires this use on beaches, except when bathing or while sunbathing, and in restaurants and hotels, except when eating or drinking.

In Galicia, the ‘large bottle’ has been prohibited since last midnight.

LA RIOJA: six positive cases

The Government of La Rioja reported six positive cases of coronavirus associated with an outbreak in Zaragoza caused by a party last weekend on Saturday. These infections have motivated the temporary suspension of the Open School program at the Duquesa de la Victoria school in Logroño.

MADRID: five positives at a dinner

The Community of Madrid has not yet decreed the mandatory use of a mask due to its widespread use among the Madrid population, although it does not rule it out.

At the moment, he considers “sufficient” the mandatory use of masks in closed public spaces, such as transport, where the safety distance cannot be guaranteed to prevent infections.

Madrid is at the bottom of the list of outbreaks, with four registered, the last one released this week with five positive cases by coronaviurs that originated from a dinner at a home, and has 61 identified contacts in Galicia, Castilla y León , Basque Country, Catalonia and Andalusia, upon returning to their places of origin.

MURCIA: 23 positives in 24 hours

The Government of Murcia, which ordered the mandatory use of the mask last Monday, is keeping health centers open this weekend so that those who suspect they have contracted the coronavirus due to the outbreak caused by a Bolivian citizen can be tested. that arrived in the region after the alarm state was lifted.

That outbreak last night caused the closure of a Totana pub and on Friday of four stores in the Las Atalayas area of ​​the city of Murcia, where the capacity was also reduced to half in all establishments.

The latest epidemiological data put 23 new positives in the last 24 hours, of which 15 are located in that area of ​​bars and clubs in the Murcian capital.

NAVARRA: 51 positives in the Mendilorri neighborhood

In Navarra, where the use of masks is mandatory regardless of social distance, there has been an upturn in cases: 59 last Friday and 40 on Saturday.

The most important is located in the Mendillorri neighborhood of Pamplona, ​​which has accumulated 51 positives.

The departments of Social Rights and Health are contacting the nursing homes in order to communicate guidelines such as the reduction of user exits to the maximum.

BASQUE COUNTRY: 115 infections in one day

In Euskadi the widespread use of masks is mandatory since midnight last Wednesday, a preventive measure that has been added to the cancellation of municipal neighborhoods, the closure of day centers for the elderly and the restriction of outings and visits to the elderly in the residences.

With these restrictions, the Basque Government wants to stop the increase in infections, 115 only on Saturday, mostly related to the nightlife of young people that have caused different outbreaks, mainly in Gipuzkoa, the last one detected after the festivities celebrating the end of the EBAU, old selectivity.


In the Valencian Community, where there are twenty active coronavirus outbreaks and the number of positive cases has quadrupled in the age bracket between 20 and 40 years, the mandatory use of the mask has been expanded and nightlife has been suspended in Gandia. (July 19, 2020, EFE / Practi


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