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The Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms has asked the Spanish authorities for a port to land the survivor and the bodies of a woman and child found in the central Mediterranean, considering that neither Italy nor Libya are safe countries.

The founder of Proactiva Open Arms, Óscar Camps, explained to EFE, from the Astral sailboat where it is located, that yesterday at 23:04 hours (21:04 GMT) Italy assigned them the port of Catania, in Sicily, to disembark at the surviving woman, but not the corpses.

After statements by Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini that yesterday’s rescue was “fake”, it was considered that neither Italy “was a safe harbor to safeguard this woman,” Camps said.

Listen MP3 (July 17, 2018):

Read translation of the transcription:

“The self-styled Libyan coastguards who have failed to manage an emergency situation and arrive two days late with their two nights and abandon two women and a child on the remains of a boat that they destroyed themselves. This is the direct consequence of hiring armed militias to make the rest of Europe believe that Libya is a state, that Libya is a government, that Libya is a very safe country and that we have a Libyan coast guard capable of taking charge of all this.”


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Question 1
En el MP3, Óscar Camps...  
está hablando sobre la ONG que dirige.
está hablando sobre la actuación de los guardacostas de Libia.
está hablando sobre un cambio de Gobierno que ha habido en Libia.
Question 2
Según el MP3, Camps considera que...      
los guardacostas de Libia han hecho un buen trabajo.
los guardacostas libios actuaron con rapidez en una situación de emergencia.
los guardacostas de Libia no han actuado bien en una situación de emergencia.
Question 3
Camps afirma que Libia rescató rápidamente a unas personas del mar.  
No se sabe.
Question 4
En el MP3, Camps...    
pide a Libia la contratación de milicias para gestionar mejor las situaciones de emergencia.
piensa que las milicias armadas ayudan a gestionar mejor las situaciones de emergencia.
se muestra crítico con la contratación de milicias para gestionar situaciones de emergencia.
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