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Oxford vaccine elicits strong immune response among the elderly, says “Financial Times”

London / The COVID-19 vaccine developed by the University of Oxford, in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, generates a strong immune response among the elderly, the most vulnerable group, reveals the “Financial Times” this Monday. The clinical trials of this vaccine are in phase 3, the last before knowing exactly if it is safe.

After knowing if it protects the population from the disease, you will need the approval of regulators before proceeding with a mass vaccination.

According to the newspaper from two people familiar with the Oxford studies, the vaccine generates antibodies among the elderly and the so-called T cells (whose main purpose is to identify and kill invading pathogens or infected cells).

Age is the main risk factor for COVID-19 since the immune system weakens over time, so this group is the one that will need the most protection against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Researchers, according to the Financial, are encouraged by the immune response generated by the vaccine among older people.

The results of the first clinical trials of the Oxford vaccine, published last July, already indicated that it generates antibodies and T cells.

Details of the latest findings are expected to be published soon in a medical journal, says this business journal.

Jonathan Ball, professor of virology at the English University of Nottingham comments for the British newspaper that “If there is data that shows that the vaccine generates good immunity, measured in the laboratory, in the group of more than 55 years, and that includes a good response in people who are much older, I think it is a promising sign. ”

In August, the European Union (EU) closed a first contract with AstraZeneca that guarantees access to 300 million doses, a pact that was signed on behalf of the member states and the doses will be distributed according to the population of each country.

In addition to the EU contract with AstraZeneca, the Governments of Argentina and Mexico, as well as the Mexican Slim Foundation, reached an agreement with the pharmaceutical company and Oxford to manufacture the vaccine destined for their countries and then distribute it to the rest of Latin America, except Brazil.

In addition to the United Kingdom, clinical trials have been developed in the United States, Brazil and South Africa.

The trials have not been without problems. In September, the tests were resumed after being interrupted for a short time by an adverse reaction suffered by a volunteer.

In addition, a volunteer recently died in Brazil, a case of which no further details were given, but which, according to the media, this person would have received a placebo and not the vaccine. (October 28, 2010, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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se desmiente que la vacuna de Oxford produzca una respuesta inmune fuerte en el sistema inmunológico de los ancianos.
la vacuna de Oxford causa una respuesta inmune fuerte entre las personas de edad avanzada.
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solo se están realizando tres ensayos clínicos de la vacuna de la COVID-19 en todo el mundo.
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hay tres fases de esos ensayos clínicos de esa vacuna contra la COVID-19.
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pronto se realizarán las primeras pruebas en humanos de esa vacuna.
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en general el sistema inmunológico es más fuerte cuando una persona envejece.
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Brasil liberará 365,3 millones de dólares para el proceso de finalización de la vacuna.
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Brasil liberará 365,3 billones de dólares para el proceso de finalización de la vacuna.
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