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Podemos Secretary General, Pablo Iglesias, ratified his leadership at the head of this political formation after obtaining an absolute majority in the Citizen Council -37 of the 62 elected members- and the support by his political project and organizational structure.


Pablo Iglesias won all the voting and won Iñigo Errejon who got 23 members.

The re-elected Podemos Secretary General, Pablo Iglesias, assumed mandate of the rank and file: “unity and humility”.

Unity and humility for persons and peoples to regain sovereignty,” and defend the right to decide and human rights against fascism that comes to Europe, he exclaimed.

Iglesias is committed to working to bring to Parliament the demands of civil society, to govern with allies in the city councils of change, to “continue” being opposition to the PP, to win the elections to Mariano Rajoy and to rule in more municipalities and autonomous communities.

“To change Spain with its persons and its peoples,” he said.

More than 155,000 people of the approximately 455,000 registered in the Citizens’ Assembly decided the future of the party with their vote.

Madrid, February 12, 2017, EFE/Practica Español

Grammar notes: possessive determiners, Spanish prepositions ‘en’ and ‘a’

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