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Madrid /Quoted quotations from a poet, Pablo Neruda, a singer-songwriter, Violeta Parra, a Jewish-Polish philosopher, sociologist and essayist Zygmunt Bauman, as well as a Chilean rock group, ‘La Ley’, helped Pope Francis to reinforce his messages of peace and conciliation during his state travel to Chile.

The first quotes were for the Chilean poet and Nobel Prize for Literature Pablo Neruda, in his first mass held on the first day at O’Higgins park in the capital.

Francis praised the ability of the Chilean people to get up and start again, spoke of peace, justice, reconciliation and bliss and, in that context, recalled the words of Neruda when he wrote that the Beatitudes are “the extirpation of an immobility, the shaking of a negative prostration”.

A day later, in the Araucanía, land of origin of the Mapuches, in conflict for decades with the Chilean State, Pope Francis made present a verse of one of the songs by Violeta Parra, remembering the human rights violations in Maquehue during the dictatorship of Alfonso Pinochet.

With the verse “Arauco has a grief that I can not keep silent, they are injustices of centuries that all see applying” by the Chilean singer-songwriter, the pontiff stressed the pain and sorrow in this land, the poorest in Chile.

In the pontifical university, and before the academic world, the Pope advocated a renewed non-reductionist humanism, a reflection on educational models and defended that indigenous peoples with their cultural traditions are heard at the time of moving forward in the major projects that affect to your spaces.

The pope lamented “this liquid society,” he said, quoting the thinker Zygmunt Bauman, “in which the points of reference from where people can be built individually and socially disappear” to underline that in a society where individual interests prevail, life will be “more fractured” and “more conflictive and violent”.

Finally, Pope Francis encouraged the young people not to lose their connection with Christ, authentic source to inflame faith and the heart and he gave them the password: always ask themselves “what would Christ do in my place?

“I worry when, when losing a signal, many feel they have nothing to contribute and are left as lost. Never think that you have nothing to contribute or that you do not need anyone. We are all necessary and important, we all have something to contribute”, said Francis, quoting a verse from one of the songs by the rock group, la Ley.

During his three days in Chile, where he studied for a year, the Pope received massive adhesions, he skipped protocol, kissed babies, patiently listened to women and elderly, blessed the sick, collected pictures and married two members of the plane’s crew, where he was travelling.

The pope apologized for the “irreparable damage” caused by Church ministers to child victims of sexual abuse, although he described the accusations of covering up the facts against Bishop Juan Barros as slander.

The trip of the pontiff to Chile, the number 22 in his pontificate and the sixth to Latin America, was surrounded by violent acts, such as the burning of three Catholic churches, two of them in Cunco, 700 kilometres from the capital of the country, facts which are investigated by authorities.

Besides, with half a hundred detainees in several protests called by minority groups, not all against the head of the Catholic Church. (January 18, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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ningún autor conocido fue citado por el papa Francisco con el fin de fortalecer sus mensajes de paz.
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un Premio Nobel de Literatura fue citado por el papa Francisco en el último día de su viaje a Chile.
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no siempre se logra superar las dificultades que nos impiden avanzar.
las bienaventuranzas hacen que sea eliminado cualquier tipo abatimiento o inmovilidad.
el pueblo chileno podría superar por vez primera las dificultades que actualmente le impiden avanzar.
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Los mapuches tienen una relación conflictiva con el Estado de Chile.
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ya que son los que se muestran más conectados con Cristo.
para que luchen por una sociedad cada vez más individualista.
para que no se sientan perdidos ni se distancien de Cristo.
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