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Paper better than plastic to protect the anti COVID-19 mask from bacteria

The masks protect against of the COVID-19 but it is important to use them correctly because, according to experts, “the end of the pandemic is not even close.” The mask must be properly cared for and preserved, and for the latter, better in a paper envelope than in a plastic bag.

Even today, when the heat is higth, as it is happening now in Spain, there is a danger of to give of COVID-19 infection. Also, to have infect of other caused by the masks themselves by accumulating the bacteria on our skin that can cause pneumonia.

“We have to be aware that the mask comes into contact with the bacteria that are on our skin,” says the virologist and professor of microbiology at CEU San Pablo University, Estanislao Nistal.

When and how do masks has bacteria?

The masks can accumulate bacteria when they rest on the chin or hair due to the presence of staphylococci on the skin when for there are pimples or small wounds such of the shaving; and staphylococci can cause respiratory infections.

The microbiologist at the CEU San Pablo University affirms that when the same mask is used for several days, bacteria accumulate in it that are later inhaled and can cause “discomfort in the throat, mouth or nose”.

He also says that it is important to be extremely careful when putting on and taking off the mask: the mask should not be moved or removed towards the chin or hair and should be handled from the rubber bands to the ears.

Better a paper envelope to keep the anti COVID-19 mask

“You always have to manipulate the mask from its elastic bands and store it in a container that does not expose the mask as in a paper envelope, because is dehydrating it and somewhat hinders the possible growth of bacteria,” says the virologist.

The paper envelope is better than leaving the mask on a surface or in a plastic bag.

The virologist warns that “bacteria can go down to the lower part of our lungs and cause a bacterial infection that results in pneumonia.”

And also that bacteria can aggravate underlying pathologies such as those of people who have had SARS-Coronavirus 2 or people with cystic fibrosis.

Please continue to wear a mask

On the other hand, this virologist remembers that the masks are an element of protection against COVID-19 because they guarantee that the droplets of saliva do not disperse when they leave our mouth, since they are retained in it ”

“By using the masks, we reduce the exposure of people who may be exposed to the virus that we are producing and prevent other people from becoming infected,” he recalls.

Heat does not affect direct transmission of the virus

Nistal clarifies that during the summer months, “the heat does not affect the direct transmission of the virus, which is through the droplets of saliva between people” and therefore “it is more important than ever to wear the mask and keep your distance Social”.

On the contrary, heat does affect the virus in terms of the indirect transmission route, which involves the spillage of saliva particles on the surfaces, which we can later touch with the hand and involuntarily bring them to the face or to another person. (July 1, 2020, CEU / PracticaEspañol)

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