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Russia today showed its military power in the traditional parade of the Victory over the nazy Germany, a festivity of strong patriotic content, which was held this year against the backdrop of the campaign in Syria.


More than 10,000 soldiers and two hundreds of armored vehicles and weapons systems through the emblematic Plaza Roja in Moscow, where President Putin, from the tribune on the Lenin mausoleum, has called the world a new alliance against the global threat of terrorism.

The victory parade, which celebrated Russia each May 9, reminds the 26 million dead which caused that war, between the peoples of the Soviet Union.

Between displayed weapons, mobile launchers for ballistic missiles Yars and system S-400 missile defense that protects the Russian base of Hamamim, in Siria.

Putin drew a parallel between the struggle against the nazis and the new challenge that constitutes international terrorism to the world.

This only a few days after having staged in Syria the release of Palmira from the hands of the Islamic State – by Syrian forces and with the Russian support–with an unlikely concert of a symphonic Orchestra in the World Heritage site ruins.

“Russia is prepared to build a new block of international security to defeat terrorism,” said the leader of the Kremlin.

Similar parades were held today in major Russian cities, the annexed Crimea peninsula and the Ukrainian rebel regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, where Russian weapons are exhibited.

But there was also a military parade at the base of Hamamim, near Latakia (Syria), from which Russia carries out missions in support of the Syrian forces.

From Moscow, Viriginia Hebrero, Agencia EFE

Translated by A. carlos / Madrid, 9 mayo 2016, EFE/PracticaEspañol 



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