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Passenger (the drama of airports)

The voice in Spanish of an airplane passenger when talking about the situation of the Canarian airports because of the episode of Calima that forced the airports of the archipelago to close for hours.

The Canarian airports operate with restrictions after the air traffic that was suspended by the calima present throughout the archipelago has been restored during the night, and has affected more than 800 flights.

As reported by the air navigation manager Enaire on Twitter, although traffic has been restored due to the improvement of the climate, safety restrictions continue to apply.

In statements to EFE, sources of the airport manager AENA has explained that the restrictions and reduced operability are due to the fact that there is still no complete visibility and flights are being spaced, as well as that attempts are made to recover the operation lost during Sunday, when 725 flights were canceled and 89 had to be diverted to other airports.

In addition, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) keeps on Monday yellow alert to Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura by calima (presence of Sahara dust suspended in the air), which can reduce visibility below 1,500 meters, especially throughout the afternoon, as reported on its website.

1.- Listen to the MP3 (February 24, 2020):

2.- Complete the text at the same time you listen to the audio:

“Bueno, pues muy complicado, _____  todo _____ _______ _____ _______ ______ contaminación eran altísimos… ________ todo _____ _____ _____ y ____ la hora ____ ____.  Y _____ ________ ______ los aeropuertos. _______ todo ____ _______ sur, la gente tirada, niños ______  pijama ________ al raso. Y se ha _______ ________  un momento y hemos ______ ______.  Parece que se recupera ____ _______  _____ ______ _______ avanza ____ ______, y bueno, se _____ ______.”

3.- Read the translation of the transcript:

“Well, very complicated, especially this morning the pollution levels were very high … especially in the eyes and at the time of breathing. And the drama of the airports. Especially the south airport, the people lying, children in pajamas sleeping in the open. And it has opened for a moment and we managed to get out. It seems that the situation is recovering as the day progresses, and well, it is recovering. ”


EFE / PracticaEspañol

(Automatic translation)


Escucha el MP3 y responde estas preguntas. (Listen to the audio and answer these questions.)

Congratulations - you have completed Escucha el MP3 y responde estas preguntas. (Listen to the audio and answer these questions.). You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%%
Your answers are highlighted below.
Question 1
En el MP3, el hombre afirma que... (In the MP3, the man says that...)  
apenas había contaminación.
no ha habido ningún problema relacionado con la contaminación.
había mucha contaminación.
Question 2
Sobre los aeropuertos, ese hombre dice que... (About the airports, that man says that...)  
había personas durmiendo en el suelo.
no se ha cancelado ningún vuelo en el aeropuerto sur.
no hubo ningún problema en el aeropuerto sur.
Question 3
Ese pasajero afirma que... (That passenger says that...)  
todavía no ha conseguido salir del aeropuerto.
ha logrado salir del aeropuerto.
la situación en el aeropuerto es cada vez peor.
Question 4
Escuchando el MP3 entendemos que ese pasajero... (Listening to the MP3 we understand that passenger...)  
está preguntando por lo que está pasando.
está relatando lo que vio.
está pidiendo ayuda.
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