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Pedro Sánchez (“we can’t relax”)

The voice in Spanish of the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez when he affirmed that “we can’t relax” until there is a “remedy” against COVID-19 during its first meeting in the Basque campaign.

The first meeting of President Pedro Sánchez in the Basque campaign, which was opened by the Gipuzkoa general secretary, Eneko Andueza, took place among the security and prevention measures before COVID-19 in the Gipuzkoa Technology Park, before a hundred militants and Basque socialist positions that followed the act while maintaining the regulatory security measures.

Sánchez reviewed the political, economic and social situation caused by the coronavirus health crisis, which, in his opinion, should not be faced with “recentralization” of power, as the right claims, or with “local selfishness ”That, in his opinion, the nationalist parties advocate.

On Saturday June 27 in Ourense (Galicia), Pedro Sánchez also asked to “enjoy the recovered normality” but without “letting down our guard” because, he said, “we cannot speak of the pandemic or of Covid in the past.”

1.- Listen to the MP3 (June 28, 2020):

2.- Complete the text at the same time that you listen to the audio:

“_______ que _____ _________ una solución ______ parte _____ la ciencia, ________ que ______ _________ un remedio terapéutico que nos _________ la ciencia, ________ ______ ______ a convivir con el virus y no ________ _______. A mí me ________que este mensaje ___________ ___________ al conjunto _____ la sociedad vasca y al conjunto _____ la sociedad española. _____ __________ _______. _________ echar ______ tierra _____ ________ , muy fácilmente, ________ el esfuerzo, ________ el sacrificio que hemos hecho _______ estas largas semanas.”

3.- Read the translation of the transcript:

“Until we have a solution from science, until we have a therapeutic remedy that science gives us, we have to learn to live with the virus and we cannot relax. I would like this message to be transferred to the whole of Basque society and to the whole of Spanish society. We cannot relax. We can very easily, very easily destroy all the effort, all the sacrifice that we have made during these long weeks. ”

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