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“Pele, the born of a legend” or “A love letter to Brazil”

American filmmakers Michael and Jeff Zimbalist prepared his first feature film non-documentary, “Pele, the birth of a legend” which tells the first part of the life of the Brazilian star and they define as “a love letter to Brazil”

So says Michael Zimbalist to EFE in an interview recorded in an interlude of tape recording in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

U.S. director filmed the tape with his brother Jeff, who also made the documentary “Two Escobars” and “Favela Risings”.

The film seeks to transcend the football to delve into the idiosyncrasies of Brazilian society, in which the football is intertwined with the national character and the victory in the 1958 World Cup meant “not only the birth of the legend of Pele, but also the pride of a nation”, says Zimbalist.

The victory at the tournament, in which Pele at 17 became the youngest player to win a World Cup, is the end point of a film that portrays the first stage of the life of football legend and allowed the Brazilian to forget the famous defeat in the 1950 World Cup against Uruguay.

“That defeat had a great impact on the psyche and self-esteem of Brazilians. Their game was heavily criticized not only for being the only multiracial team, but also for his flamboyant style of play”, says Zimbalist.

Rio de Janeiro, November 26, 2013, EFE / Practice Spanish

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