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Madrid / The actress and winner of an Oscar, Penélope Cruz, considers there is every reason to strike called by feminist on March 8, coinciding with the celebration of International Women’s Day, and she has expressed her hope that it will be the beginning of ” a real change “.

“There is every reasons. I totally agree and I support it”, the actress from Madrid told EFE. “A lot of things are happening on a global level that can really mean the beginning of a real change. This can not remain in an anecdote which fills pages of newspapers for a few months and then it it forgotten.”

Cruz, in promotion of the movie Loving Pablo, which will be released this Friday, thinks mobilization in Hollywood, following the wave of complaints of sexual harassment, around the #Metoo movement (#Amítambién in Spanish), should serve as a lever to denounce any type of discrimination against women in other sectors.

“Everything that has come to light in our industry has to serve as a focus for women from other professions and other industries that do not have a microphone close by,” she says.

“What is happening is very important. I think it’s more than symbolic and I hope it is a reality to change to something more just, “he said.

Javier Bardem, with whom he shares a leading role in the film about Colombian boss Pablo Escobar, also supports the strike. “You have to do it, it’s going to be done, and you have to support this movement, because it’s logical,” the main character of the film No es país para viejos has told EFE.

“The wage parity, the equality of working conditions (…) It is anachronistic that we are still talking about this,” he stressed. “It should be known but it seems that no, so we must remember what is necessary: ​​the March 8 strike is very important, we must support it and support it”.

Also Fernando León de Aranoa, film-maker of the film about Escobar and author of a filmography in which he emphasizes the social and political commitment, declares himself in favour of the mobilization on March 8.

“It is a group with motives to mobilize, and the work is a field where there have been and still are many injustices, so I fully support the strike,” film-maker by Los lunes bajo el sol said.

In his opinion, we live “a historical moment” in which “we began to be aware that things have changed forever, although there are many steps to go up”. (March 7, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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debe servir para que otras mujeres también se movilicen contra la discriminación.
no es tan importante como se piensa.
no se puede llevar este movimiento a otros sectores.
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duda que pueda haber algún tipo de cambio en relación con la situación de la mujer.
piensa que lo que está pasando no mejorará la situación de la mujer.
cree que lo que está ocurriendo podría ser el inicio de un cambio.
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Javier Bardem considera que...
todavía no se ha alcanzado la igualdad entre hombres y mujeres en el ámbito laboral.
ya se ha logrado que las mujeres no sufran discriminación en el trabajo.
no es cierto que las mujeres sufran algún tipo de discriminación en el trabajo.
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