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Phase 0 and the activities allowed in Spain from today such as hairdressing and small business services

Madrid / Spain starts phase 0 of the de-escalation on Monday, in which measures of relaxation of confinement will be introduced, both economic and personal activities, ranging from the opening of hairdressing salons and small shops to the training of professional athletes.

The whole country begins the path of lack of confidence in phase 0 except the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro, La Graciosa and Formentera, where the state of the pandemic has allowed them to be the advance guard of phase 1.

In addition to the first measures of relief – the outings of children first and the individual sport practice, the walks of adults and the access to the orchards later – phase 0 or “preparation of the de-escalation” are added, such as the opening of hairdressers and small shops or restaurants that sell takeaways.

These are measures with an associated risk of very low or no contagion, according to the Government’s “Plan for the transition to a new normal”, whose objective is to gradually recover economic activity and daily life while preserving the public health.

The progress of the epidemic -and other indicators that the Executive has established- will depend on whether the provinces and the islands can advance to phase 1 on Monday, May 11.

Below are the activities allowed in phase 0, which takes effect at 0 am on Monday, May 4:

–Walks: all citizens -except those who are in quarantine or have symptoms of coronavirus- can go out for a walk once a day from Saturday at a maximum distance of 1 kilometer from home.

It is allowed to be accompanied by a partner and the outings are arranged by age groups: from 6 to 10 and from 20 to 23 hours, people between 14 and 70 years old can go out. Children, from 12 to 19 hours and those over 70 years or dependents with their caregiver may leave from 10 to 12 and from 19 to 20 hours.

Individual sport: from 6 to 10 and from 20 to 23 hours in the municipal area in which you reside.

Both walks and outings to do sport in towns with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants can be done without attending time slots, however, between 6 and 23 hours.

Attention to family, self-consumption or municipal gardens as long as they are in the same municipal area of ​​the residence or in one adjacent to it.

Opening of restaurants and cafes that can serve take-away orders: these must be made by phone or online.

Opening shops up to 400 square meters by appointment for individual customer service (one employee per customer). A minimum distance of 2 meters will be required. Establishments should be disinfected twice a day and should have hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers.

Hours of operation or a preferred corridor will be established for people over 65 years of age.

As a rule, purchases must be made in the same municipality in which they reside, although the transfer between small towns – they do not have to be adjacent – will be allowed in the event that certain products cannot be found.

-Hairdressers may open as long as they can make prior appointments.

Professionals in physiotherapy, beauty centers and hairdressing salons will have to wear personal protective equipment and guarantee a minimum distance of two meters between clients.

Professional athletes will be able to do individual training outdoors and within their province.

Those who practice modalities of adapted sport or of a Paralympic nature, may count on the accompaniment of another athlete to carry out their sports activity.

In both cases, a coach may be present who cannot approach less than two meters and will have to wear a mask.

When the sport involves the use of bicycles or skates, the safety distance will be ten meters.

For their part, federated athletes may perform training individually, outdoors, twice a day between 6:00 and 10:00 and between 20:00 and 23:00, always within its municipal term and without coaches.

-The files will be opened, which will provide their services preferably by electronic means, now, when it is absolutely essential, citizens may request the face-to-face consultation of up to ten documents.

-In this phase, the use of a mask in public transport (bus, rail, metro, sea, air and taxi) will be mandatory and recommended in all kinds of activities outside the home.

Four islands in phase 1

The low incidence of the pandemic in the Canary Islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Graciosa, and Formentera, in the Balearic Islands, allows them to be the outpost of the de-escalation and anticipate phase 1 a week.

In this phase:

Meetings of up to 10 people inside and outside the home, keeping the safety distance of two meters and respecting hygiene regulations regarding hand washing and “respiratory etiquette”.

Use of car of up to 9 seats by inhabitants of the same home.

Opening of terraces at 50% of their capacity. There will have to be a minimum distance of two meters between the tables and the client groups will have a maximum of ten people. In addition, the tables will have to be disinfected between one client and another, and cards in common use and napkin holders cannot be used.

Opening stores of less than 400 square meters without an appointment. The maximum capacity for shops will be 30%, it will be necessary to maintain a minimum safety distance of two meters and a schedule of preferential care for the elderly must be established. The premises will have to be disinfected twice a day.

Wakenings for a limited number of family members in public or private facilities: fifteen people outdoors or ten in closed spaces. The entourage for the burial or farewell for the cremation of the deceased is restricted to a maximum of fifteen people and, where appropriate, the minister of worship or a person assimilated from the respective confession may join the practice of parting funeral rites of the deceased.

Outdoor markets on public roads, with conditions of distance between stalls and delimitation of the street market for proper control of capacity by security forces. Initial limitation to 25% of the usual positions and maximum influx of a third of the capacity.

-The places of worship will open, although only up to a third of their capacity will be allowed.

(May 4, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

(Automatic translation)

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