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New York / The Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo (1941) has spent his whole life struggling to break the elitist bubble surrounding the opera and therefore decided to sponsor a new television contest, “Virtuosos”, with which he intends to give battle to pop hegemony, as explained to EFE

The program, a talent show that seeks children and teenagers who want to dedicate themselves to classical music, was successfully premiered on Hungarian television and now, thanks to a new round of investors (he himself has just become one of the shareholders), will arrive on US television and UK.

“Unfortunately, the opera, which is fantastic, is the most expensive show,” acknowledged the tenor, who believes that among all the efforts that can be made to democratize the opera (such as teaching it in schools or broadcasting it on the Internet), download the price of admission is “the hardest thing of all”.

At 77 years old, he does not plan to retire from the stage or slow down, and in fact he has signed concerts for the next three years although, he warns, you never know if he will be able to continue singing or he will have to retire in a few months because the voice It can fail at any time.

“I’m going at a fairly fast pace but I’m good,” said Domingo, who will continue “until the body endures” as it is due to his “passion” for music, which has led him to play about 150 characters during more than six decades of career.

The tenor not only travels the world singing (after New York, he will travel to Russia, Spain, Austria and Germany), he is also the director of the Los Angeles Opera, which he helped found 32 years ago, and directs countless works (with the last, “Romeo and Juliet”, has been three months at the Metropolitan Opera in New York).

The Spanish interpreter thinks that classical music needs to support emerging talents, but, above all, what is needed is to “help the public” to know it and give it a first chance, and for that it has the help from the television. (May 14, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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Question 1
En el texto se dice que...  
Plácido Domingo dejará los escenarios para trabajar en la televisión.
Plácido Domingo no cree que vaya a apadrinar en un programa de televisión.
Plácido Domingo ha invertido dinero en un programa de televisión.
Question 2
Según el texto,  ese programa de televisión...  
busca a jóvenes promesas de la ópera.
busca a jóvenes que quieran ser cantantes de música pop.
no tiene nada que ver con la ópera.
Question 3
En el texto se dice que Plácido Domingo...    
 quiere que la ópera llegue a más gente.
no tiene interés en que la música clásica llegue a muchas personas.
descarta que haya más concursos de música pop que de ópera.
Question 4
Este programa de televisión...  
se estrenará pronto en  otros dos países más.
se estrenará por primera vez en el mundo en  EE.UU.
todavía no se ha estrenado en ninguna cadena de televisión del mundo.
Question 5
Plácido Domingo considera que...  
lo más importante es evitar hacer programas de música clásica en televisión.
lo más importante es encontrar a jóvenes promesas de la ópera.
lo más importante es dar a conocer la música clásica al público.
Question 6
Cuando Domingo habla de 'democratizar la ópera'...  
expresa su deseo para que la ópera llegue a todos los públicos.
expresa su compromiso para que la ópera solo llegue a un pequeño grupo de personas.
se muestra en contra de acercar la música clásica a todos los públicos.
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