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Polls that say 6 out of 10 Hispanics lean toward Biden for the US presidency

Miami / More than six out of 10 Hispanic voters in the country support the Democratic candidate for the White House, Joe Biden, and almost 3 out of every ten the president and Republican candidate, Donald Trump, according to a poll published this Sunday ahead of the elections of the November 3.

Biden, who was vice president with Barack Obama (2009-2017), has 62% support, compared to 29% for Trup and 7% not sure who they will vote for, according to the Hart Research poll, which interviewed 410 Latinos registered to vote by phone from October 29 to 31.

Among those who do not plan to vote for Trump, 51% said that there is not the slightest possibility of a change of opinion at the last minute, while among those who do not support Biden it is 23% who rule out finally doing so.

The margin of error is +/- 4.48%, according to the record of this poll published to accompany a national poll by NBC News, Telemundo and The Washington Street Journal.

The Latino Community

The Latino community will be the largest voting minority in the United States for the first time in November.

An estimated 32 million Hispanics – out of a population of 60.6 million (18% of the population) – are eligible to vote, up from 27.3 million who were eligible to vote in 2016.

Biden’s 33-point lead among Hispanics in the Hart Research survey is far greater than his ten-point lead nationally.

59% of Latinos believe that the country is on the wrong track, 24% that it is on the right track and 10% do not know.

When judging Trump and Biden, the former vice president is better off than the current president, with 51% positive or very positive opinions, compared to 28% for Trump.

The negative opinions are 25% for Biden and 58% for Trump.

The coronavirus pandemic

In relation to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the United States, 28% responded that they approve of Trump’s management, but 64% disapprove.

Furthermore, 59% believe that the worst is yet to come and 22% say that the worst is over.

Regarding the Capitol, 54% said they prefer that Congress be controlled by Democrats.

Exercise the right to vote

When asked if they had already exercised their right to vote, 27% said they had voted by mail and 31% that they had done so in person in advance.

Also, 4% indicated that they plan to do so by mail and 10% that they will vote in person in advance.

In contrast, 22% said that they would exercise their right to vote in person on Election Day.

The survey also asked about the reliability of the vote counting in this election, to which 54% answered that they do trust, 34% said that they do not, and another 12% are not sure or did not respond. (November 3, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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The related news in video (October 8, 2020):


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no queda claro si los latinos apoyarán más a Biden que a Trump según esa encuesta.
la mayoría de los latinos apoyará a Biden, según una encuesta.
casi todos los latinos votarán a Trump, según esa encuesta.
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miles de latinos habían sido entrevistados para realizar esa encuesta.
se descarta que pueda haber un margen de error en esa encuesta.
esa encuesta se había realizado días antes de los comicios.
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Según esa encuesta...
menos del 30% de los entrevistados tiene una opinión negativa de Joe Biden.
más del 50% de los entrevistados valora de forma muy positiva a Trump.
más del 60% de los entrevistados considera que Trump ha gestionado muy bien la crisis del coronavirus.
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más del 50% afirmó que había votado por correo.
más de un 40% dijo que ya habían votado en persona por adelantado.
más de un 20% dijo que prefiere votar en persona el día de las elecciones.
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los demócratas obtuvieron más votos que los republicanos en San Diego.
los salarios son mejores desde que comenzó la pandemia.
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