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Vatican City / Pope Francis had lunch with 1,500 poor people at Paul VI Audience Hall in the Vatican, after celebrating a mass in the Basilica of St. Peter in which he rejected the “indifference” against those who are in poverty.

The initiative converted for the first time the huge papal audience room designed in an unusual dining room, with circular tables arranged for ten guests each and around another central where the pontiff sat.

The Mass in the Vatican and the following lunch are part of the program of the celebration of the First World Day of the Poor, instituted by the Pope as a call to Christians to help people in a disadvantaged situation.

In the mass presided over by the pontiff, he said that “indifference” is the “greatest sin against the poor” and that for Christians, it is an “evangelical duty” to take care of them.

Jorge Bergoglio said that this indifference towards the poor means “to look the other way when the brother needs, is to change channels when a serious issue bothers us, is also outraged at the evil, but do nothing.”

The mass was attended by between 6,000 and 7,000 poor people, many accompanied by members of organizations of help to the needy, who came mainly from European countries, although there were also refugees from other parts of the world.

In the Vatican ceremony, bread was used for the Eucharist, distributed by a charity organization in soup kitchens for the poor, and then served luncheon at Paul VI Audience Hall.

The Pope opened this luncheon with the desire “that God bless us, bless our hearts, our families, our desires, give us health and strength“.

The band of the Vatican Gendarmerie and the choir “Le dolci note” enlivened the food, served by some 150 volunteers from different dioceses and parishes.

The menu was prepared by a well-known restaurant in the town of Bassano del Grappa, in the Veneto region (northeastern Italy) and was made up of Sardinian gnochetti with tomato, olives and Collina Veneta cheese, beef stew with vegetables, polenta and broccoli and tiramisu for dessert.

This lunch offered at the Vatican follows the initiatives launched in recent years during the pontificate of Francisco, aimed at helping disadvantaged people around the Vatican City.

Examples of this have been the services of showers, medical attention, hairdressing and laundry and accommodation for homeless people created around the Saint Peter’s square.

Last year, a medical clinic where the homeless can receive assistance from volunteer doctors began to operate in the same place. (November 19, 2017, EFE/Practica Español)

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criticó la pasividad y cierta insensibilidad a la hora de ayudar a los necesitados.
piensa que los pobres están recibiendo mucha ayuda de todo el mundo.
no dijo nada acerca de la ayuda que reciben los pobres.
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