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Mariano Rajoy goes back August 30 to the Congress for is facing his second parlamentary investiture debate, this time by commissioned of the King Felipe VI, but in conditions very different for get the confidence of the camera to them of the most absolute of 2011: to lack of six votes affirmatives or more than one ten of abstentions for power form Government.

To less than 24 hours of the debate, Rajoy has achieved close an agreement with Ciudadanos and Coalición Canaria, that him guarantee 170 votes, but has failed in his try of to convince the General Secretary of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, for to change his repeated negative and to allow the training of a new Executive in Spain for “unlock” the present political situation.

President of the Government in functions since 2015 and leader of party with more votes in the second elections in six mounth, he needs 176 votes to please to be invested by most absolute in first turned, by what he is to lack of six votes.

Forty-eight hours later, in a new vote, it will be enough, a simple majority, more positive votes than negatives. For this, before the Friday 2 of September, he would need boot 11 abstentions among the rows that you have announced a resounding no.

The more that posible not to the investiture, will be putting in march the timetable for the announcement of new general elections, and if no candidate is elected in two months, on October 31 would comes back to dissolve the Cortes and 54 days later there would be new elections, this time, December 25, in the Christmas party.

The President goes morning to this sovereign camera, fully aware that he will not get its confidence for a new legislature (“supports are insufficient,” said) but he publicly stated that will continue trying to convince the socialist leader that to “unlock” the political situation in Spain, without a Government since the end of 2015, “not is to support”.

The leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, has considered, however, “quite dispensable” the meeting for half an hour with the popular candidate, has appeared in front of cameras visibly upset for to consider that is objet of a attempt for to do responsible him of a “unblocking” which not it devolves upon him and has reiterated that the Socialist deputies will vote against Mariano Rajoy.

Sanchez has asserted that his party only will review that position if there is “facts new” and has declared that only Rajoy is the responsible of to articulate a most enough to govern, also starting from the day 2.

Faced with this panorama, the leader of Citizens Albert Rivera (party that it has been able to sign a pact with the PP as in his time with the PSOE, when Sanchez was the candidate for the parlamentary investiture, just a few months ago) has recalled that he has signed a hundred measures with the populars who also they were signed with the Socialists.

Rivera has qualified of “war cold” the lack of understanding Rajoy-Sanchez, what, in your opinion, “symbolizes the decline of a system exhausted”, has said.






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