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Real Madrid’s Florentino Perez defends breakaway Super League

Madrid / Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has defended the creation of the European Super League, saying it is a solution to a “bad situation” that football is going through.

Perez’s made the comments during an interview on El Chiringuito TV. The ESL announcement, which has the backing so far of 12 of the richest clubs in Europe, sparked a considerable backlash among fans, former players and other teams in the sport, especially in England.

“Top clubs from England, Spain and Italy have to find a solution to the bad situation that football is experiencing,” Perez, who would become chairman of the ESL, said.

“The Super League will save clubs financially. We’re in a very bad situation. Madrid alone lost 400 million euros ($482.5M),” he added.

The planned elite league is set to compete against the UEFA Champions League with its 20 teams in mid-week fixtures.

The Spanish trio of Real Madrid, Atletico de Madrid and Barcelona, England’s Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal, and Italian sides Inter and AC Milan as well as Juventus are the founding members of the new competition.

Three more founding club spaces are yet to be filled, according to the ESL plans.

Perez explained that fans were losing interest in the sport, saying that soccer “needs to evolve.”

We are at a critical moment. A Madrid-Manchester or a Barcelona-Milan game would be more attractive than a Manchester against a smaller team,” he continued.

Perez underlined that “large competitions are what generate money. Young people are not interested in the sport due to the matches with poor quality.”

However, LaLiga opposed the European Super League and warned in a statement that it would reduce revenues of the governing body of Spanish soccer by 43%.

In reference to the UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin’s criticism of Juve chairman Andrea Agnelli, Perez said that “we are trying to save soccer. UEFA is a monopoly and it must be transparent.”

“We do not want a president who insults another president,” he said.

Responding to UEFA’s threats to ban players taking part in the league from international competition, Perez pointed out that players “can rest assured that they will continue playing with their national teams.” (April 20, 2021, EFE)

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cómo está afectando la crisis causada por una pandemia a los clubes de fútbol.
lo que dijo el actual presidente del Real Madrid sobre la creación de una Superliga europea.
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Tras leer el texto entendemos que Florentino Pérez...
considera que es necesaria la creación de una Superliga para que se salve el fútbol.
pone en duda que el mundo del fútbol esté pasando por un mal momento a causa de la pandemia.
también se muestra reacio a la creación de una Superliga europea.
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Sobre la Superliga se dice que...
está formada por los mejores clubes de fútbol de países como España o Italia.
por ahora no se admite que más clubes se unan a esta Superliga.
estará formada no solo por los grandes equipos sino también por los más pequeños de cada país.
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En el texto se dice que...
Florentino Pérez considera que el fútbol también se debe adaptar a la situación actual y evolucionar.
no es cierto que los clubes de fútbol hayan perdido mucho dinero a causa de la pandemia.
Florentino Pérez no cree que sea posible aumentar la audiencia con partidos más atractivos para el público.
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el presidente de la UEFA se mostró crítico con la creación de esa Superliga.
Florentino Pérez no cree que las ligas sean el pilar principal de todas las competiciones.
tanto la UEFA como la FIFA acaban de dar su aprobación a la creación de esa Superliga.
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Florentino Pérez fue elegido para que presida esa Superliga.
la primera edición de esa Superliga comenzaría el mes que viene.
se desconoce si la Juventus o el Liverpool también van a formar parte de esa Superliga.
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