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Rome / Former Italian Prime Minister and Secretary General of the ruling Democratic Party (PD), Matteo Renzi, resigned after the poor results of his party in the general election on Sunday, which it got about 18.8% of the vote.

“It is obvious that after this result I leave the leadership of the party,” said Renzi, who said he has already asked PD President Matteo Orfini to convene a congress of the Social Democratic party to decide who will be his next secretary general.

Renzi pointed out that this will happen at the end of the formation of the new Parliament and the Government in the country and that, later, he will be senator.

On Sunday, the general elections gave as a winner to the right coalition formed by Forza Italia, the Northern League and Brothers of Italy, with around 37% of the votes, and as the single most voted force to the Five Star Movement (M5S), who obtained more than 32% in the absence of final scrutiny.

PD has had to settle for 18.8%, which led the former Italian Prime Minister between 2014 and 2016 to leave the leadership.

“I did not think we were going to have such a clear defeat,” acknowledged Renzi, before admitting that it is logical that the PD “open a new page”, during a hearing attended by multiple media.

Renzi, who resigned in 2016 after the failure in the referendum on constitutional reform, has cleared any hypothesis of PD participation in the next Executive and has indicated that his political group says “no extremism”, referring to the M5S and the ultra-right Northern League.

Renzi says ‘no’ to extremism

“The PD is here to say ‘no’ to extremism,” he insisted before pointing out that the PD’s role now is to be in opposition.

“In the electoral campaign, we have said ‘no’ to a government with the extremists and we have not changed our mind, we were not kidding,” he said, before citing three elements that, in his opinion, clearly separate the PD from the M5S and the LN: his “anti-Europeanism, anti-politics and the use of verbal hatred”.

He made self-criticism and acknowledged that mistakes have been made, such as making a bad electoral campaign that has failed to convey illusion and reconquer disgruntled voters.

Renzi took the opportunity to highlight the economic growth that Italy is experiencing in recent months and remember that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2017 advanced by 1.5%.

Renzi, who arrived in Italian politics in 2014 with the intention of ending the old guard, withdrew after experiencing a notorious drop in popularity among the Italian electorate.

With a “disappointing result”, according to his words, the PD will now carry out “a reflection” and initiate a path towards the election of the new general secretary.

The new general secretary

He will be elected by primaries, as he has advanced, and in “a resolution congress that allows the leadership (of the general secretary) and do what he has been chosen for”.

In this way, Renzi has launched a dart to the minority that during his term has been critical of its policies, some disagreements that led in 2017 to part of this sector to split and form a new party.

After the announcement of his resignation, some of the most critical voices against Renzi have reacted, as the Minister of Economic Development, Carlo Calenda, who has disagreed with the reason that the coup of the DP was “a campaign too technical” or responsibility of the outgoing Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni, and the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, for not convening the elections beforehand.

For his part, the Minister of Justice and leader of the critical minority, Andrea Orlando, reproached Renzi not to leave office immediately but to wait for the formation of an Executive and requested primaries as soon as possible to elect the next Secretary General. (March 6, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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el secretario general del Partido Demócrata ha sido cesado.
dimite el secretario general del Partido Demócrata.
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Según el texto, la dimisión de Renzi…
no tiene nada que ver con los resultados que obtuvo en los últimos comicios.
se produce antes de que se conocieran los resultados de los últimos comicios.
está relacionada con los malos resultados obtenidos en los últimos comicios.
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En la noticia se dice que…
el partido de Renzi fue más votado que el M5S.
el partido de Renzi solo perdió unos pocos votos en estos comicios.
el partido de Renzi obtuvo un pésimo resultado en estas elecciones.
Question 4
Renzi afirma que…
no se esperaban que fueran a obtener tan pocos votos.
pone en duda que su partido haya obtenido malos resultados.
no se sorprende de que su partido haya obtenido malos resultados.
Question 5
En su comparecencia Renzi…
dijo que no cree que se haya hecho una mala campaña electoral.
no se mostró crítico sobre cómo se hizo la campaña electoral.
admitió que se hizo una mala campaña electoral.
Question 6
Tras su dimisión, Renzi abandona por completo la política.
En absoluto.
¡Quien sabe!
Así es.
Question 7
En el texto se dice que Renzi…
no quiere que su partido apoye a ningún partido extremista.
anunció que el PD está dispuesto a pactar con el partido más votado.
cree que no pasa nada si el PD pacta con un algún partido extremista.
Question 8
Según el texto, el nuevo secretario general…
será elegido el año que viene.
será elegido antes de que se forme un nuevo Gobierno en el país.
será elegido cuando se forme un nuevo Gobierno en Italia.
Question 9
No hubo nadie que se mostrara crítico con Renzi.
¡Imposible saberlo!
Es verdad.
Para nada.
Question 10
En el vídeo se dice que...
el partido gobernante obtuvo un resultado un poco malo en estas elecciones.
el partido gobernante está obteniendo cada vez más votos.
el partido gobernante obtuvo un pésimo resultado en estas elecciones.
Question 11
Según el vídeo…
solo el M5S se muestra reacio a dialogar con otros partidos para gobernar.
tanto el M5S como la Liga Norte anunciaron un acuerdo para formar gobierno.
tanto el M5S como la Liga Norte tienen la intención de gobernar Italia.
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Según el vídeo, Liga Norte obtuvo el mismo número de votos que el partido de Berlusconi.
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