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Ricky Martin on the Puerto Rico Walk of Fame

Ricky Martin is one of the most international Puerto Rican artists and now he has his own star on the Puerto Rico Walk of Fame. He dedicated it to those working in community and social service in the island which is now under a deep crisis.

Wearing a beige suit and casual shoes, the most international Puerto Rican artists, Ricky Martin, unveiled his star on the newly Puerto Rico Walk of Fame.

Ricky Martin was surrounded by idyllic scenery: the Atlantic Ocean on the background and 300 devoted fans. Mostly known by his hits “Fuego de la noche, nieve de día”, “Me amarás”, “Living la vida loca” or “Más”, the Puerto Rican artist addressed his speech to those community and social workers within the Caribbean island.

“I want to dedicate this star to those men and women, community leaders. Those who get up every day with the task of reminding all Puerto Rican children how important they are, how important their dignity and their self-esteem are… This star is for them. I have done nothing; they are my heroes.

Former member of the eighties group Menudo, Ricky Martin has joined other celebrities on this Walk of Fame, such as Chayanne or actresses Roselyn Sánchez and Miriam Colón. The San Juan Walk of Fame has become a new area of cultural and touristic interest where important artist and athletes receive recognition for bringing glory to the island.

San Juan, 3rd February 2016, EFE/PracticaEspañol


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