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Tokyo / Kirobo Mini is a companion robot, with a boyish appearance and big orange eyes, sponsored by Toyota, it is able of reading emotions, which has come to the world today with the complex mission of improving relations and coexistence between machines and humans of the 21st century.

It can read the facial expressions -through an internal camera-, understand the emotions they represent and react to them through words and gestures, remember what you have been told before and, thus, remember the anecdotes and preferences of your owners.

Its engineers argue that all these skills make it an ideal companion for the elderly, children, those who live alone, and also, for drivers.

It is ten centimeters in height and 183 grams of weight and is already on sale in Japan at the price of 39,800 yen (300 euros / 354 dollars), to which is added the essential monthly fee of 350 yen (2.90 euros / 3,40 dollars) to access the application that enables it.

This robot is the little brother of Kirobo, the astronaut android who spent a year and a half on the International Space Station accompanying astronaut Koichi Wakata.

“Robots are the next generation of IT (information technology), now is its time,” said a spokesman for telecoms giant Softbank, organizer of Robot World, which for two days has hosted in Tokyo the latest news.

From the robot for theme parks that transforms into a Brave Robotics car, to automatons that handle excavators to automatic forklifts, passing through endearing English tutors.

Among the latest models of robots designed to replace or support humans at work is the new cleaning machine of the Japanese group RS26 that wants to remedy the difficulties of the companies when it comes to finding cleaning personnel for large surfaces and the android of Pepper that expands his abilities as an auxiliary for the care of the elderly.

Or, the humanoid of Asratec, able to get behind the wheel of an excavator; or, also, Sharp’s automatic driving hoist aims to speed up the process of moving heavy loads in warehouses, factories or airports.

And in the field of language learning, Musio X, small and of endearing aspect, is a multifunction tutor of English designed for elementary students, which can act as a dictionary, clock-alarm or radio. (November 22, 2017, EFE/Practica Español)

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Lee la noticia y responde las preguntas. (Read and answer the questions)

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Question 1
La noticia habla…
de un robot que ya se está comercializando.
de un robot que saldrá muy pronto a la venta.
de un robot que se ha retirado del mercado.
Question 2
Según el texto, se están fabricando robots…
para que los humanos hagan tareas muy pesadas.
para ayudar a las personas a realizar diferentes tareas.
solo para avanzar tecnológicamente.
Question 3
Según la noticia, el robot Kirobo mini…
está pensado para que dé compañía a las personas.
no puede saber lo que sienten las personas.
no está pensado para interactuar con los humanos.
Question 4
¿Es muy grande el robot Kirobo mini?
Desde luego que sí.
Para nada.
¡Imposible saberlo!
Question 5
Según el texto…
ya existen robots que están ayudando a las personas a aprender idiomas.
todavía no se ha inventado un robot para que las personas practiquen idiomas.
se espera que salga a la venta un robot para aprender idiomas.
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