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¿”Saber” or “conocer”? (to know) – 20 sentences to use these verbs

You may have probably wondered why Spaniards use saber and conocer alternatively if they have a simmilar meaning. Saber is usually employed to say that we know something and to express our ability to do something (followed by verb in infinitive); however, saber is never employed followed by places. Then, conocer can be applied to things, as well as  used to claim that we have a relationship with someone and to talk about a place we have visited, in coloquial Spanish.

Read these twenty sentences to learn how to distinguish the different uses of these two verbs in Spanish.



1. Si eres fan del español, te encantará conocer esta web.

(If you are a fan of Spanish, you will love knowing this website)

2. Una profesora debe conocer a sus alumnos.

(A teacher must know her pupils)

3. Hay que conocer a nuestros competidores.

(It is necessary to know our competitors)

4. Me gustaría conocer la cocina peruana.

(I would like to know Peruvian cuisine)

5. El consumidor debe conocer sus derechos.

(Every consumer must know their rights)

6. Tienes que conocer esas tres marcas.

(You have to know these three brands)

7. Quiero conocer a tu tía María.

(I want to know your aunt María)

8. Voy a conocer Europa esta primavera.

(I am going to know Europe this spring)

9. Se darán a conocer los estrenos de abril.

(April releases will make known)

10. Me quedan varios países por conocer.

(Still, I have to know several countries)



1. Quiero saber si el móvil es nuevo.

(I want to know if the mobile phone is brand new)

2. Voy a saber más que tú de informática.

(I am going to know more than you about computing)

3. En la vida hay que saber irse.

(It is necessary to know how to leave)

4. ¿Cómo puedo saber si son piojos?

(How can I know if they are lice?)

5. Hay que saber moverse en moto por Madrid.

(It is necessary to know how to ride a  motorbike in Madrid)

6. Cómo voy a saber si ese traje me queda bien.

(How can I know if this suit fits me?)

7. Todo lo que debes saber si viajas a Reino Unido.

(Everything you need to know if you travel to the United Kingdom)

8. ¿Cómo puedo saber si mi dieta es la correcta?

(How can I know if my diet is the correct one?)

9. ¿Podríamos saber más sobre español?

(Could we know more about Spanish?)

10. Quiero saber cómo vivían los romanos.

(I want to know how Romans used to live)


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