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Except surprises, when the five deputies from PNV vote this Friday in favour of the motion of censure presented by the socialist Pedro Sanchez have managed to prosper the only one of the four motions in the democracy that will mean the removal of Mariano Rajoy from the Government by the sentence of Gürtel and his replacement by a minority PSOE with the support of Podemos, nationalists parties and independence parties.

Also except surprises, Pedro Sanchez, who has confirmed that he will govern with the public accounts by the PP government – are processed from Tuesday in the Senate where Rajoy has a majority – will add 180 votes, more than you need to make the motion thrive

Sánchez will move forward the motion with the 84 votes from his group, the 67 from Unidos Podemos, and those of a series of nationalist parties and independence parties (9 from ERC, 8 from PDeCAT, 5 from PNV, 4 from Compromís, 2 from EH Bildu and 1 from Nueva Canarias and 1 abstention from CC).

Only voted against making president to the Secretary General of the PSOE the 169 deputies who are in PP, Ciudadanos, UPN and Forum.

Then, until Pedro Sánchez dissolves the chambers and calls for general elections, reason used to demand political responsibility from PP government for cases of corruption through the motion of censure, but for which no date has been set, the legislative initiative of the new Government will be in the hands of the absolute majority that the PP has in the Senate, an unprecedented situation in Spain.

In Spain, the Senate, in addition to representing the Spanish people and being the territorial chamber par excellence, can examine, oppose or modify the decisions of the Lower House by means of vetoes or amendments.

Only the dissolution of the chambers could avoid the paradox in which a PSOE government managed budgets of the PP, which is about to happen after having amended them along with many of the opposition parties that guarantee their support.

Unusual will also be the fact that a politician arrives at the Moncloa by a motion of censure and, without a seat in parliament, since he resigned in his day, as unusual is that another has to leave for cases of political corruption related to his party, without holding elections.

If the position of Basque nationalism planned on the first part of the parliamentary debate of the motion of censorship, when their support was revealed, the interest turned to the president of the Executive, absent from the chamber, although meeting with some of his ministers in a restaurant in the surrounding of the Congress.

The rumor of a possible resignation was cut short by the secretary general from PP, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, who at a press conference confirmed that Rajoy, as he had announced in the morning, was not going to resign because he does not win anything with it since the parliamentary arithmetic does not allow that the PP can govern.

Almost at the same time, sources of the Executive assured to the EFE Agency that Rajoy has foreseen to go to the voting session of the motion of censorship that, after six and a half years in the Government, it will suppose his relay by Pedro Sanchez.  (June 1, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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Question 1
En el texto se dice que...  
se descarta que la moción de censura del PSOE reúna los apoyos suficientes en el Parlamento.
los partidos parlamentarios ya han votado la moción de censura presentada por el PSOE.
se prevé que la moción de censura del PSOE salga adelante en el Parlamento.
Question 2
Según el texto, si Sánchez obtiene finalmente esos apoyos en la votación...  
no lograría aún ser presidente de España.
solo conseguiría que otra persona del partido gobernante ocupe el lugar de Rajoy.
sería el nuevo presidente de España.
Question 3
En el texto se dice que...  
Sánchez cuenta con el apoyo de todos los partidos de la oposición.
Sánchez no necesita el apoyo de ningún otro partido en esa votación.
Sánchez cuenta previsiblemente con el apoyo de los partidos nacionalistas e independentistas.
Question 4
En la noticia se destaca que...    
no es inusual que se invista a un presidente que no tiene escaño en el Parlamento.
si Sánchez logra ser así presidente sería una situación insólita en la política española.
no sería la primera vez que un político llega a ser presidente de España gracias a una moción de censura.
Question 5
Según el texto,  si no se disuelven las cámaras...      
el PP podría enmendar en el Senado lo que se pudiera aprobar en el Parlamento.
el PSOE no tendría problemas en el Senado si Sánchez logra a ser presidente.
no resultaría paradójico que el PSOE gobernase sin tener la mayoría en el Senado.
Question 6
PSOE presentó esa moción de censura a raíz de una sentencia judicial.  
Es verdad.
Para nada.
¡Imposible saberlo!
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