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Sean Connery, the eternal 007 turns 90

He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, his face was the first that James Bond had and he has built a solid and recognized career in Hollywood. Now he is 90 years away from the lights and cameras.

The Scotsman who gave James Bond, Agent 007, his first appearance, was a bodybuilder before he was an actor and at 59, in 1989, he was recognized by People magazine as the sexiest man alive. Ten years later, the same magazine named him the sexiest man of the century.

Thomas Connery, his real name, was born on August 25, 1930 in Fountainbridge, in the Scottish city of Edinburgh. He came into the world in the bosom of a working family, in which his mother, Euphamia C. Maclean, was a cleaning employee, and his father, Joseph Connery, worked in a factory and drove a truck, according to data provided by the portal IMDb.

According to the British version of the Huffington Post, when he was born, unable to buy a crib, his parents made a bed in the bottom drawer of the closet.

As a teenager, Connery spent a three-year stint in the British Navy, an institution he had to leave due to a health problem.

After this he was chaining odd jobs and, in his spare time, he began to practice bodybuilding. Due to his physical care, the actor served as a model for different purposes, such as art or fashion classes.

In 1953, the Scotsman was one of the candidates in the Mister Universe contest. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, this opportunity led him to the theater, where he performed as an extra.

In 1954 he got a role in a play that he ended up starring in. His first break in the cinema was “Lilacs in the spring”, in 1954.

The First Agent 007

In the early 1960s, Connery was cast for the role of a super agent for the UK secret intelligence service.

It was the film adaptation of the spy novel “Dr. No ”by Ian Fleming. This was how Sean Connery was the first man to put a face to Bond, James Bond in the cinema.

“Dr. No ”was the first film in the series and the tremendous success of the film made them soon embark on the production of other titles.

Thus, Sean Connery repeated as 007 in “From Russia with love”, in 1963; in “Gold Finger”, in 1964; in “Thunderball”, in 1965 and also in “You only live twice”, in 1967.

After this last title came “On his majesty’s secret service”, in 1969, in which Connery did not participate.

However, he returned to don the secret agent suit in “Diamonds are Forever” in 1971.

In 1983, Connery returned to the role of 007 in “Never say never again”, based on the novel “Thunderball”, produced by an independent production company and not by Eon Productions, like the others, and referred to as “unofficial”.

The Scottish actor was succeeded by other actors in the role, including Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and, most recently, Daniel Craig.

There is always talk of who will be the next James Bond, a character for whom names like Tom Hardy, Idris Elba or Richard Madden sound, but the first, always, will be Connery, which gives him the category of eternal.

Despite the great success he achieved with these films, Connery did not want to be reduced to a single role and accepted various challenges.

The iconic father of Indiana Jones

In 1964 he put himself in the hands of Alfred Hitchcock in “Marnie” and garnered recognition with his performances in “The man who would be King”, in 1975 or “The hunt for red October”, in 1990, among others.

Another of the productions for which Connery will be eternally remembered was, without a doubt, for the German film “Der Name der Rose (Le nom de la rose)”, in 1986, for which he won the British Academy Award for the Cinematographic and Television Arts (BAFTA) as best actor.

For his role in “The Untochables,” a 1987 Brian de Palma film, he won his only Oscar, for best supporting actor.

Another magnificent intervention by the great Scottish actor was the one he provided as the father of the intrepid Indiana Jones in the legendary Steven Spielberg film “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, in 1989, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe as best actor of distribution.

His last fiction film was 2003’s “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, which received a lot of criticism from experts and the public.

Connery also showed his discontent with the tape. In 2012 he lent his voice for the animated film “Sir Billi”.

On a personal level, Connery married fellow actress Diane Cilento in 1962. From that union, a year later, his only biological son, Jason Connery, was born.

In 1971 they separated and a few years later they obtained a divorce. In 1975 he remarried Micheline Roquebrune, with whom he continues to this day.

(August 25, 2020, EFE / REPORTAJES / PracticaEspañol)

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