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The Nicaraguan writer Sergio Ramírez has dedicated the Cervantes Prize that he has received from the hands of the King to the memory of his compatriots who in recent days have been murdered “for going out into the streets to demand justice and democracy.”

With a black tie on the lapel of his jacket, the writer has dedicated the award “to the thousands of young people who continue to fight with no other weapons than their ideals so that Nicaragua can become a republic again.”

Tension reigns in Nicaragua after the government of Daniel Ortega repealed a social security reform that sparked protests with the result of at least 27 deaths and more than 100 injured in five days, as well as looting of businesses and damage to the public ownership.

Sergio Ramirez already participated yesterday in Madrid in a rally in the Puerta del Sol to demand the end of the “unsustainable repression” that is being lived in Nicaragua.

The Cervantes Prize explained that he had come to the rally to “show solidarity” with his people, who have demonstrated, he stressed, “to have enough courage to protest to have their liberty and democracy confiscated”.

Listen MP3 (April 23, 2018):


Read translation of the transcription:

“Allow me to dedicate this award to the memory of Nicaraguans who in the last few days have been murdered in the streets to demand justice and democracy and to the thousands of young people who continue to fight with no other weapons than their ideals because Nicaragua is once again a republic.”

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Question 1
En el MP3, Sergio Ramírez...  
está hablando sobre su obra literaria.
está dedicando el Premio Cervantes.
está preguntando sobre la situación de Nicaragua.
Question 2
En el MP3 se dice que Sergio Ramírez...  
solo ha querido dedicar el premio a los más jóvenes.
dedicó el premio tanto a las personas asesinadas en esas protestas como a los jóvenes.
no mencionó lo que está sucediendo en Nicaragua cuando recogió el premio.
Question 3
Ramírez afirma que esas personas murieron por pedir justicia en Nicaragua.  
No se sabe.
Así es.
¡Imposible saberlo!
Question 4
Ramírez menciona a los jóvenes que...  
quieren que todo siga igual en Nicaragua.
se han rendido y no luchan más por sus ideales.
continúan defendiendo sus ideas en Nicaragua.
Question 5
Ramírez afirma que esos jóvenes...  
luchan para que haya de nuevo una república en el país.
no luchan para que mejoren las cosas en el país.
no están luchando por sus ideales.
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