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Singer Madonna causes uproar with Portugal neighbors with her fleet of cars

Lisbon / A picturesque neighborhood on the northern bank of the River Tagus in Portugal’s capital was in uproar Wednesday after neighbors discovered that pop star Madonna had been given special privileges which enabled her to park some 15 luxury vehicles at a cheap rate not available to other residents.

The material girl has been given access to municipal land where she can park her fleet for 720 euros ($840) per month, well below the going rate in Lisbon where parking is a nightmare and a private parking spot can cost 120-150 euros a month to rent.

“In our neighborhood, 15-20 parking spots make a huge difference to us,” said Luís Newton, spokesman for the Estrela neighborhood, which is considered a “high pressure” parking zone.

The land Madonna has been allowed to park on is situated behind the Pombal Palace, a historic building owned by the city hall and less than a 20-minute walk from the singer’s residence, the Palácio Ramalhete, an 18th-century palace just north of the Tagus which was previously used as a boutique hotel.

The star’s neighbors consider the City Council has shown Madonna favoritism and the resulting controversy has grown to become a main talking point in Lisbon.

Newton said he has spent two years trying, without success, to get new parking spaces for the residents of his area.

“If you make that much money, you should pay the going rate for parking 24 hours a day,” said neighbor Pedro Lopes.

Portugal’s Automobile Club (ACP) has also weighed into the argument.

Club president Carlos Barbosa said it was “completely unreal and shameful” that the singer should be singled out for special treatment.

“She is just another resident, even if she has more, or less, money than the rest of us,” Barbosa said.



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El lugar de residencia de Madonna
Cuánto se paga por una plaza de aparcamiento en Lisboa
Las razones de la polémica que ha causado Madonna en Lisboa
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¿Qué quiere decir en el texto con la oración "aparcar es una pesadilla"?
Aparcar es muy difícil.
Aparcar es verdaderamente fácil.
Aparcar da miedo a los vecinos.
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¿Han conseguido los vecinos resultados a sus protestas?
No se sabe
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¿De qué manera han protestado los vecinos de la zona?
Haciéndose ir en los medios de comunicación
En ningún momento han protestado por la situación
Manifestándose delante del ayuntamiento
Question 5
¿Por qué luchan los vecinos?
Por conseguir que Madonna se mude a otro barrio.
Igualdad de condiciones independientemente del dinero que cada uno tenga.
Por conseguir que bajen el precio de las plazas de aparcamiento.
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¿Cuál es la finalidad del texto?
Criticar al ayuntamiento de Lisboa.
Criticar a Madonna.
Informar de un hecho de actualidad.
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