Useful post to learn when to use 'sino' and 'si no' in Spanish
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Sino and si no, two things very different

They sound almost alike, but they are not the same.

The usual mistake of using one form by another, so it should be clear what is each one:

Sino it’s an adversative conjunction that is written in one word and is used to deny something and then explain what it really is:

Antonio no es español sino colombiano / Antonio is not Spanish but Colombian

El azúcar no es amargo sino dulce / Sugar is not bitter but sweet

Si no is the conditional conjunction si and the negation no, and is written in two words.

Si no estudias no aprenderás la lección / If you do not study will not learn the lesson

ISi no llueve habrá sequía / f it does not rain there will be drought

To avoid mistakes just see if we can co introducing a word between the yes and no:

Si este verano no llueve habrá sequía. / If it does not rain this summer there will be drought


In the expression si no, whether the conditional conjunction si is always written without accent.

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