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Spain adds a victim to 3,200 coronavirus deaths worldwide

International Writing /  The coronavirus continues its advance on the planet, after leaving its first fatality in Spain, which adds to three more deaths in the US. (9 in total) and the first cases in Argentina and Chile, which has led much of the world to extreme its measures to face a disease that already leaves about 3,200 dead and more than 90,000 infected.

In Europe, Italy remains the most affected country and those killed by COVID-19 reached 79, after 27 new deaths in the last 24 hours, to which are added 2,263 infected, which makes this country, South Korea and Iran concentrate 80% of patients outside of China.

Faced with the situation, the president of the Higher Institute of Health of Italy, Silvio Brusaferro, said that the option of expanding those known as “red zones”, the isolated villages of Lombardy and Veneto, two of the northern regions where 88% of cases occur locally.

The good news came from the Vatican, which reported that Pope Francis is being cured of a cold and has no symptoms of other diseases, after it transpired that he had tested negative for the coronavirus test.

However, part of the attention of the day in the Old Continent focused on Spain, where authorities confirmed that a man who died on February 13 is the first victim of the disease that already leaves more than 150 infected, according to a retrospective research.

The dead reach 9 in the US

On the other side of the Atlantic, three new fatalities were known in the United States, bringing the deaths of the disease to nine, nine in the state of Washington, to a total of 21 cases in this region of the northwest , a good part of them in a nursing home where half a hundred residents and employees showed symptoms of having contracted VOC-ID19.

In addition, New York announced today a second case of the virus, which is in serious condition, and in Florida they only await official confirmation to announce a third case, in a country where there are at least 108 infected.

Precisely in New York, the situation led the authorities to close two schools in the city, including a son of the new patient, to which is added the urgent approval by state legislators of a package of 40 millions of dollars to allow the Department of Health to hire more personnel and acquire necessary equipment to detect and combat the disease.

Stricter measures

Some actions that add up to others worldwide and that, as a pandemic progresses that has not been officially declared as such by the World Health Organization (WHO) so it is already present in at least 76 countries, each time more drastic, with the idea of ​​facing the disease.

For example, China, which on Tuesday registered its lowest number of new infections since January (125), said its priority now is to “protect itself against the importation” of infections from other countries, so it will impose a quarantine of 14 days travelers that they reach Beijing and Shanghai from nations with severe outbreaks.

In Australia, which three days ago suffered the first death of COVID-19, the attorney general, Chistian Porter, announced that the authorities may force people at risk to be tested and impose restrictions on movement or stop them by applying the Biosafety Law, which can put Australians in “circumstances they have not lived before.”

And in Iran, where 77 people have died and there are 2,336 infected (835 only this Tuesday), the coronavirus has forced a leap into the virtual world despite poor previous experience and the usual internet problems in the country: distance education , telecommuting and press conferences by videoconferencing tend to be the norm.

In France, which has 4 dead and has exceeded the barrier of 200 infected, the Government requisitioned all stocks of masks in the country to reserve them for health personnel and those infected with the coronavirus that need them, after complaints about the multiplication of their price, as well as that of antiseptic gels.

In addition, and before knowing the first cases revealed today in Chile and Argentina, the WHO recommended that Latin America (where there are only others infected in Ecuador -7-, Mexico -5-, Brazil -2- and Dominican Republic -1-) prepare an “aggressive containment strategy”.

They mobilize 12,000 million dollars

Given the progress of the coronavirus globally, the president of the World Bank (WB), David Malpass, announced the mobilization of 12,000 million dollars to help countries facing economic and health impacts.

A couple of announcements that were given the same day that the US Federal Reserve, faced with the concern of an economic slowdown by the global expansion of COVID-19, announced a half-point emergency cut in interest rates, something not seen since the financial crisis of 2008-09.

Decision that produced that the yield of the 10-year Treasury bond in the United States fell to historical lows and stood at 0.927%, for the first time below 1 percent.

The WB itself and the IMF announced that their next spring meeting, scheduled for mid-March, will be held “virtual” in the face of the “growing health concern related to the virus”.

Six new cases in the cyclist squad

In the United Arab Emirates, health authorities confirmed six new cases of coronaviruses – two Russians, two Italians, a German and a Colombian – in the platoon of the Cycling Tour of this country canceled last week before finishing, after two members of the UAE Team Emirates technical team will be positive.

The only Colombian cyclist who is still in quarantine in the Arab country is Fernando Gaviria, of the UAE Team Emirates and one of the great ambassadors of today, although the authorities have not announced the names of those affected.

Finally, the Spanish Ministry of Health recommended that sporting events in which a large influx of fans from areas of risk for the coronavirus, such as northern Italy, including the Champions League match between Valencia and the Atalanta de Bergamo, on March 10, and the Europa League between Getafe and Inter Milan, on March 19, are played behind closed doors. (March 4, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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