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Madrid / The Spanish Government has decided to send two planes to Greece to assist in the extinction of the forest fires which affect the coastal northeast in Athens.

The planes are going to be piloted by members from the Air Force.

Each of the devices that are going to travel to Athens to help in the works of extinction has a capacity of 5,500 litres.

The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) has affirmed that the preparations are finalized in the airplanes before their take-off.

Greece has suffered several serious forest fires since Monday, causing 76 deaths.

The Greek authorities yesterday asked for help to Spain and the deployment of aerial means through the European Mechanism of Civil Protection, has informed the MAPA.

The Ministry has confirmed the shipment of these aircraft to the National Emergency Monitoring and Coordination Center (CENEM), which channels the information to the European Union.

Rises number of fatalities

Fire and civil protection Greeks continue the search for victims and missing in the fires that have ravaged the Athenian coast and have left so far 76 fatalities.

The number of people missing by relatives or friends is around 25.

The last bodies found last night were those of a couple of elderly people who had died at home victims of the flames.

A total of 130 troops from the army and the fire department are currently involved in the search tasks.

Of the total of 187 injured, 71 people remain hospitalized, of which 10 are still in critical condition.

The firefighters are trying to control and extinguish some fronts still active in various forest areas of the capital region of Attica, especially in the western part, where the first fires were declared on Monday, without there being any regrets victims in that area.

In the eastern part, where an urban area of ​​15 square kilometers has been devastated, the tasks of debriding and repairing the electrical installations have already begun.

In total, around 7,500 households have lost electricity.

The town of Mati, the most damaged and where all deaths have been recorded, will foreseeably remain without water for 15 days and without electricity for a month.

According to the first evaluation of the local authorities, more than 2,500 homes in the towns of Vutza, Nea Makri, Mati and Rafina have been completely destroyed, while another 4,000 have suffered serious damage. (July 25, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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Question 1
En la noticia se dice que...
Grecia recibirá la ayuda de España para apagar los incendios que están afectando al país.
España ya está colaborando en las tareas de extinción de unos incendios en Grecia.
el Gobierno griego todavía no ha solicitado ayuda internacional para apagar unos incendios.
Question 2
Según el texto...  
hace un par de días se declararon varios incendios en Grecia.
la semana pasada se declararon varios incendios en Grecia.
ningún incendio ha sido registrado en la capital de Grecia.
Question 3
En el texto se dice que...  
las autoridades descartan que aumente el número de víctimas mortales por estos incendios.
las autoridades anunciaron que ha aumentado el número de fallecidos por estos incendios.
no se ha incrementado el número de víctimas mortales a causa de estos incendios.
Question 4
Según la noticia...  
las autoridades ya han encontrado a todas las personas que estaban desaparecidas.
hay más de una decena de personas desaparecidas.
cientos de personas han desaparecido cuando se registraron los incendios.
Question 5
Según el texto, ¿cuál es la zona más afectada por estos incendios?  
No se sabe.
Question 6
En la noticia se dice que...  
el suministro eléctrico llega sin problemas a todos los ciudadanos griegos.
miles de viviendas no tienen luz por los incendios que hay en la zona.
se descarta que miles de viviendas no tengan luz a causa de los incendios de la zona.
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