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Spain set for first coalition government in modern democratic history

Madrid / Spain will be governed by a coalition for the first time in its modern democratic history after the Socialist Party (PSOE) leader Pedro Sánchez’s program with the left-wing group Podemos was narrowly passed by lawmakers on Tuesday thanks to abstentions from regional parties.

Spain has been without a functioning government since inconclusive elections in April, which were followed by an equally inconclusive repeat vote in November.

Targeted efforts by right-wing parties to pressure PSOE lawmakers to rebel failed as lawmakers in the lower house of Parliament voted 167 to 165 in favor of putting an end to months of political stalemate as two Catalan and Basque groups agreed to abstain.

Sánchez only required a simple parliamentary majority to secure investiture in what was a second round of voting.

As expected, he received the backing of his 120 MPs, future coalition partners Unidas Podemos (“United We Can”) and other small left-wing and regional parties while the conservative Popular Party, far-right Vox, the center-right Ciudadanos (“Citizens,” C’s) and regional parties including Catalan separatists opposed him.

The Basque nationalist EHBildu and the Catalan separatist ERC abstained, the latter on the basis that members of the regional Catalan government and the Spanish government come to the discussion table to discuss the independence push in the northeastern region.

Sánchez and Iglesias made a pact to present a coalition government in November last year just after the repeat elections failed to overturn the hung parliament that resulted snap national vote on 28 April.

The PSOE emerged as the largest party, but fell short of forming an absolute majority in the chamber, prompting Sánchez to turn to Iglesias, something he had decided against after the April elections.

They have pledged to raise income taxes for those who earn more than 130,000 euros a year, hike the minimum wage, which sits at around 1,050 euros a month, and raise corporation taxes. (January 7, 2019, EFE/Practica Español)

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unas medidas económicas que adoptará el Gobierno presidido por Pedro Sánchez.
la elección de Pedro Sánchez como presidente del Gobierno de España.
lo que dijeron algunos líderes de la oposición a Pedro Sánchez.
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En el texto se dice que... (It's said in the text that...)
es poco probable que haya un Gobierno de coalición en España.
Sánchez ha logrado ser investido presidente por mayoría simple en el Congreso de los Diputados.
casi todos los diputados del Congreso votaron a favor de la investidura de Pedro Sánchez.
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Según el texto... (According to the text...)
Sánchez gobernará en coalición con el partido liderado por Pablo Iglesias.
Sánchez nunca prometió que pactaría con el independentismo.
ningún diputado se abstuvo en esta votación.
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Según el texto, el líder del PP... (According to the text, the leader of PP...)
expresó su apoyo a Pedro Sánchez para gobernar España.
fue crítico y duro con Pedro Sánchez por su acuerdo con los independentistas.
criticó a Sánchez por no llegar a un acuerdo con varios partidos nacionalistas.
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se emitieron más de 350 votos.
el resultado de esa votación será comunicado al Rey de España.
hubo más de 167 votos a favor de Pedro Sánchez.
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