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Spain: The Constitution turns 39 years old

Madrid / The Government in full, deputies and senators, autonomous presidents and representatives of high State institutions met today in the Congress to commemorate 39th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution, in the midst of the Catalan electoral campaign and with a view to the ever-pending reform of the the Magna Carta

It is not the first time that day of the Constitution is celebrated in the electoral campaign. The same thing happened in 2015, with the general elections of December 20, which had to be repeated in June 2016 after no candidate obtained enough support to form a government.

The celebration began at ten o’clock in the morning in Plaza de Colón with the traditional hoisting of flag of Spain, presided over by the presidents of the Congress, Ana Pastor, and the Senate, Pío García-Escudero, accompanied by the Chief of the General Staff of the Defense, Fernando Alejandre; to which followed the solemn reception of the day of the Constitution in Congress of Deputies.

A year after turning four decades and with a territorial crisis unparalleled in democratic history, the reform of the Magna Carta has won the political debate in the wake of the independence challenge in Catalonia.

The President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, has marked the times and has been willing to talk about this reform but only if there is a broad consensus, when there is “a clear idea of ​​what needs to be done” and not for satisfy those who want their liquidation as the independentistas and under the defense of national sovereignty.

The president of the Congress, Ana Pastor, has outlined in her speech an update of the rules of coexistence, a debate that always places in Parliament, the headquarters of national sovereignty.

Meanwhile, the socialist leader Pedro Sanchez has bet that in 2018, the year in which the Constitution turns 40, will be when you start working on its update.

On the other hand, Pablo Iglesias (Podemos) has asked to open a “large country dialogue” focused on achieving a new social agreement and the leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, has taken the opportunity to point out that the Constitution, “now more than ever must be applied “as has happened with article 155 in Catalonia.

And also today for the 39th birthday of the Spanish Constitution ​​some 12,000 people, in Barcelona, according the Guardia Urbana, demonstrated in center of the city, called by the entity Espanya i Catalans, to defend the unity of Spain and in defense of the Magna Carta. (December 6, 2017, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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Question 1
La noticia dice que...
España ha celebrado el 39 aniversario de su Constitución
la Constitución española cumplirá 39 años.
España prepara el 39 cumpleaños de la Constitución.
Question 2
Según la noticia, el día de la Constitución...
en 2015 también se celebró en campaña electoral.
se celebra por primera vez en campaña electoral.
nunca coincide con una campaña electoral.
Question 3
Según la noticia, a la recepción oficial siguió el izado solemne de la bandera de España:
No se sabe
Question 4
En la noticia se dice que el presidente del Gobierno de España considera...
reformar la Constitución es fundamental.
la Constitución no se puede reformar.
fundamental la defensa de la soberanía nacional para la reforma constitucional.
Question 5
Según la noticia, el dirigente socialista Pedro Sánchez...
en 2018 se trabajará en la actualización de la Constitución.
cree que en 2018 habrá una nueva Constitución en España.
cuando cumpla 40 años se podrá reformar la Carta Magna.
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