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Spain with almost 17,000 fatalities from the coronavirus COVID-19

Madrid / The number of fatalities continues to grow in Spain after contracting the coronavirus COVID-19 and two days after the first month of the state of emergency decreed by the Government of Pedro Sánchez, the sum of the people who have died amounts to 16,972, according to the daily record provided by the Ministry of Health, which places 166,019 infected people so far.

The daily figures of the coronavirus have suffered a slight rebound in the number of deaths this Sunday, registering 619 deaths in the last 24 hours, 109 more than yesterday, while infections have decreased despite registering a total of 4,167 new ones, 663 less than those of the day before.

The Spanish Ministry of Health says that the total number of people who have overcome the disease amounts to 62,391, since 3,282 people have been cured in the last hours.

By communities, Madrid continues to be the most affected region with 46,587 infected, 6,278 deceased and 24,683 healed, followed by Catalonia, where this Sunday there are 3,442 dead, 34,027 confirmed cases and 14,975 healed.

The two Castillas also accumulate the highest number of cases in third and fourth place: in Castilla-La Mancha there are 13,698 infected, 1,543 deceased and 2,365 people who have managed to be cured; while in Castilla y León there are 12,118 confirmed cases, 1,221 the dead and 4,010 the cured.

The Basque Country is the fifth community in number of infections, with 10,772; in addition, 804 people have died, while 4,867 have managed to be cured.

Andalusia is located with 10,006 cases, a region that accounts for 799 deaths and 1,838 healed.

In seventh place is the Valencian Community: 8,841 infected, 838 deceased and 2,624 cured, and in eighth place Galicia, where there are 7,336 cases, 274 deaths and 1,143 people who have overcome the disease.

After these eight autonomous communities and with a significantly lower number of infected cases are Aragón (4,070), Navarra (3,969) and La Rioja (3,279) (April 12, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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