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Spain must be able to anticipate or join the revolution, also economic and labor, Artificial Intelligence and big data, or otherwise, it will be out of the game as it has already happened with the manufacture of telephones, computers and network services.

This is what the member of the Committee of Wise Men of the Government for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Javier Plaza says, for whom the protection of personal data is “a right” that must be respected “always bearing in mind the maxim fundamental rights to prevail over technology. “

In an interview given after his appointment as an advisor to the Government, Plaza also points out that it is increasingly necessary to “create guidelines and use security tools” to protect information and data of both citizens and companies.

The professor of Civil Law at the University of Valencia and director and founder of the Aranzadi Law and New Technologies magazine said that these measures should include “training and information” to society, in addition to “prevent, avoid and pursue possible uses harmful and inadequate that people want to do with this new technology. “

The committee to which it belongs is promoted by the Government of Spain and aims to produce a White Paper on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data within a period of six months that will contain a general analysis on “the social, ethical, legal and social implications “and about the impact that this can have on companies and the public sector.

This document is aimed at the whole society because “the data economy affects all economic and productive sectors without exclusion”, although it ensures that especially “intelligent” tourism, the agricultural and agri-food sector and R & D of companies.

“It will affect everyone as potential users since, in the end, Artificial Intelligence is a new and emerging economic sector, which also demands highly qualified professionals,” he adds.

It also highlights to EFE that phenomena such as data intelligence “are already a reality, incipient but unstoppable, and that in a very short time they will hatch.

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Question 1
En el texto se dice que…
España no debe quedarse atrás en asuntos relacionados con la inteligencia artificial.
no hace falta que España innove mucho para estar a la vanguardia en inteligencia artificial.
España está a la cabeza en todos los asuntos relacionados con la inteligencia artificial y telefonía.
Question 2
Según el texto, Javier Plaza…
considera que la privacidad de cualquier persona debe ser respetada.
piensa que es irrelevante adoptar medidas que protejan la privacidad de cualquier ciudadano.
cree que todo el mundo debería tener acceso a información de todo tipo a través de la tecnología.
Question 3
Según Plaza…
no es algo prioritario defender y respetar los derechos relacionados con la protección de datos.
es más importante avanzar tecnológicamente que proteger los datos personales de los usuarios.
es más importante la protección de datos que los avances tecnológicos.
Question 4
Según los expertos…
la información y la formación no están relacionadas con el mal uso de esta tecnología.
es imposible que una persona haga un mal uso de esta tecnología si no tiene una formación.
cualquier persona debe estar informada y formada para utilizar adecuadamente esta tecnología.
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