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Spanish alphabet (ABC): 27 letters and 5 digraphs


The Spanish alphabet has 27 letters and 5 digraphs or two-letter combinations, according to official grammar on Spanish Language. Since 2010 the letters of the ABCs are 27 and it’s the same for all Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish alphabet (ABC)



Lower case letter Capital letter  
a A (a)
b B (be)
c C (ce)
d D (de)
e E (e)
f F (efe)
g G (ge)
h H (hache)
i I (i)
j J (jota)
k K (ka)
l L (ele)
m M (eme)
n N (ene)
ñ Ñ (eñe)
o O (o)
p P (pe)
q Q (cu)
r R erre
s S (ese)
t T (te)
u U (u)
v V (uve)
w W (uve doble)
x X (equis)
y Y (ye)
z Z (zeta)

That is, we, the Spaniards, speak creating words with 27 letters and 5 pairs of two-letter combinations (or digraphs).

The Spanish digraphs are: ch/ ll/ gu/ qu/ rr.

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