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Spanish expressions with double intention

Sometimes, the Spaniards use the expressions “do you understand me?” or “I explain me?” with any arrogance or sense of superiority over the person to whom they are speaking. Falls badly to underestimate someone, of course. With words, proverb or sentences… Above all, if you call he clumsy, silly, inflexible or stubborn.

To properly handle double-way expressions, or with more than one sense, you must to pay attention and understand the context in which they are used. This will always requires the knowledge of the habits and sociocultural customs of the place and a good immersion in the language, which always involves hours of study, reading and many hours in front of a television screen, desktop computer or mobile platform .

The good news is that never before have there been as many means as now to independent learning languages and it is a real shame that they do not take it the full advantage, specially the young people.

The fear of not understanding never certain expressions is cured over time and the mistake, because in all languages ​​there are phrases that to be unfold like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and they are not as harmless as they seem. Or, also, they changing their meaning according to the uses they acquire with the times. Or they appear and disappear, depending on the trends or models of verbal expression, which also exist.

To this post I bring some, including the two with which I have begun to write: do you understand me? , I explain me? Of course!


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